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2024 February, 14 & 15

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The Future of Social Media

Friday 17 February

Social media trends and the platforms where they come to life are constantly evolving. BeReal is the newest social media darling while mainstream platforms META (nee Facebook), Instagram and Snapchat lost appeal with consumers.TikTok and YouTube serve as the new “go to” search engines and DIY tutorials for Gen Z’s and Millennials. Where can brands get the best engagement these days and what type of content resonates best? Are collabs and affiliate deals getting results as they did and how do influencers view brand partnerships these days? What do content creators who make a living out of social media see trending and what are their insights on today’s landscape?

Jessica Alford



Daniela Ciocan


Access Beauty Insiders

Julissa Bermudez


República Skin

Liz Kennedy

Founder & President

Beauty Magnet