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2024 February, 14 & 15

LA Convention Center

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Unearthing Brand White Space for Packaging and E-commerce INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP

Friday 17 February

What separates a luxury product from a mass product? Is how the product is marketed? The exercise will begin by sharing insights on the key motivators today’s consumers require in order to feel confident purchasing from a new brand for the first time. We will then ask participants to brainstorm what of those motivators their brand currently has and could develop further. As a group, we’ll discuss some potential ideas and inspire each other. We will then talk about the limited space brands have on the packaging and how to utilize colors, shapes, symbols, and words to tell those stories. We will end with evaluating what stories should make their way onto packaging as well as what stories are more ideally suited for e-commerce and why.

During this one-hour session, we will dialog back and forth between education, introspective individual work, and group conversation.

The Key Takeaways
• What gives consumers the confidence to purchase from a brand for the first time
• As assessment of what assets your brand has currently that answer this criteria
• Suggestions for key areas of your business and brand value proposition you could develop further in order to capture market white space
• Perspective on what content should be on your packaging versus your website
• Understanding the importance of the content on each page of your website towards converting a sale.

Sheri Koetting

CEO and Founder