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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Among this edition’s guests… Albea!

MakeUp in LosAngeles 2019

9 days left for MakeUp in LosAngeles… And we cannot be more excited!
The best of the best of packaging, full-service, ingredients, formulation, design and accessories suppliers will be there to present you their new products and lines.

One of them is Albea which answered few questions.

How would you define Albéa’s Packaging-as-a-Service?

Packaging-as-a-service meets the needs of up and coming brands who look for small runs, creative concepts, project management…and customized solutions. It is about adding value and making our customers’ lives easier.

It includes fast-track service with ready-to-go tubes tubes available in 5 weeks from Shelbyville (TN) to help brands launch fast on the market.

It includes turnkey solutions: packaging and applicators; trendy accessories; formulas that are pre-qualified, tested, safe and compliant; all-inclusive project management

It includes a creative service with our Studio 360 which aims to analyze, design and customize impactful packaging concepts with pouches, kits and other cosmetic products that reflect the brand’s values and D.N.A.

It includes the Albéa Tips Studio in Morristown (TN) where customers can visit and fine-tune their mascara brush developments through prototyping, real-time testing and design adjustment. Customers can return home at the end of the day with the brush that they have imagined.

What examples of “Packaging-as-a-service” will you show at MakeUp in LosAngeles?

We will show our new Back to Basics family, our three innovative twisted wire mascara brushes designed to bring eye makeup to another level while making no compromise with performance.

We will highlight our decoration expertise with the Million Vibes collection: 14 customized designs with 14 unique and trendy decorative effects, coming from Matamoros (Mexico). The ambition is clear: your D.N.A on our packaging!

Speaking of passion, what drives you and your team every day?

We are proud of our industrial vision and American roots. We have 9 plants in Canada, the United States and Mexico and headquarters in New York City. We serve our international and American customers, be they legacy or indie brands. We work closely with our partners and network of suppliers. We believe in agility, reliability, creativity and corporate social responsibility. We have been the first packaging supplier to sign the New Plastics Global Commitment from the Ellen McArthur Foundation and we have the ambition to achieve 100% of recycled or reusable plastic packaging and incorporate at least 10% of recycled plastic in our packaging by 2025. It’s about “Made here. Made responsibly”. And we love it!

Albéa, Packaging & more

We make the packaging you use every day. Our product range comprises lipsticks, mascara brushes and bottles, lipgloss, tubes, fragrance and skincare pumps, compacts, applicators, accessories and much more.

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