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WAP Sustainability

Sustainability Analyst

Rose Maylen is a Sustainability Analyst at WAP Sustainability and has a passion for helping organizations drive positive environmental change. Her interdisciplinary background has shaped her skills in systems thinking and problem solving, and her experience within several industries and organizational structures has made her an adaptable asset.

Her work at WAP Sustainability is focused on Life Cycle Assessment and GHG accounting. She is highly skilled in data management and analysis, modeling, and communicating findings to key stakeholders.

Prior coming to WAP Sustainability, she co-authored two case studies, received sustainability honors, and completed a 15-month project with a global snack food brand which was immediately material to sourcing decisions in their South American commodities. These accomplishments speak to her strong research abilities and drive to make change.

After hours, Rose enjoys hiking and traveling, eager to see and experience all the world has to offer. She enjoys thriller books and movies and is always willing to give you a recommendation.