MakeUp in World

20 & 21 September 2023

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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Beauty Agora

Intelligent Hybrids – Engineered for Resilience

Thursday 15 September

Hyper-focused on care and performance, post-crisis consumers crave potent, power–dosing ingredients across all of their beauty products. The hybridisation of solutions and categories is creating an exciting new dimension for beauty, where healing is achieved by blending science and wellness to create a new narrative around psycho-physiological care.  Brands must lean into the evolving nature of skintelligence by introducing new biological semantics and technological engineering to appeal to today’s ingredient-smart consumers.

Leïla will introduce the latest insights from the intelligent skincare market, and propose new territories for the emerging hybridized beauty category. Sarah will present the latest analysis from Mintel’s consumer research, sales data and market information, with a special focus on the latest international changes in the beauty market.

Sarah Jindal

Senior Director


Leila Rochet

CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation