MakeUp in World

20 & 21 September 2023

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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Beauty Agora

Natural Alternative to Synthetic Ingredients for Long Wear Cosmetics

Thursday 15 September

Transfer-Resistant lip products were first introduced over two decades ago. These products incorporated silicone based “MQ resins” to provide protection from pigments being transferred from the lip to other surfaces. Recently, the industry has been focused on finding natural replacement for these silicone-based resins. In this talk, a naturally based alternative will be presented and compared in lipsticks. Two different lip products were tested in a two-part system and incorporated directly into a formulation. The film properties of these formulations will be tested by water and oil contact angle and transfer tests. These naturally based polymers have similar contact angles as the MQ resins and transfer properties.

Thomas O’Lenick, PhD

Vice President of Technology

SurfaTech Corporation