MakeUp in World

20 & 21 September 2023

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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Let’s meet again around trends and innovations

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MakeUp in NewYork is back and we are so thrilled to gather you again after 2 long years of digital meetings.

Explore the field of possibilities, co-create with the key players of the market and settle the cosmetics industry of tomorrow!

MakeUp in NewYork is happy to renew its partnership with the international Trend Forecasting and Consulting firm Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation for MakeUp in NewYork.

Get inspired!

In this partnership, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation will lead 4 “Beauty Talks” on key beauty themes, help to decipher major beauty trends with an innovation itinerary, and host an Inspiration Bar to showcase the latest product innovations on the worldwide beauty market. Beauty specialists will walk visitors through disruptive textures, surprising effects, and delicious smells to offer a fresh and expert view on successful product innovations.

In 2021, the following four trends translate the need to reinvent beauty, find new dimensions of excellence and luxury, redefine values, meet new requirements, and welcome the next normal of the industry.

Radical Traceability
As trust is the new currency, safety and wellness become key. From ingredient sourcing to the origin of packaging, or even new apps, traceability is becoming essential to attract consumers.

Conscient consumption is elevating sustainability to the new normality and eco-celebration brings value for brands. New beauty products incorporating biomaterials, cutting-edge formulas, and eco-design packaging solutions elevate attractiveness.

“Skinification” was the major trend in 2020, as consumers shifted from makeup to the “pandemic-proof” skincare market. The importance of health prevention takes a deep dive in makeup formulations and creates a holistic momentum for beauty.

Unleashing Freedom
The pandemic “home-hubbing” behavior arose craves for creativity and self-expressions. Consumers desire hypestyle and theatricalization of colors, textures, design, and products as a whole – to embrace personality and provide unique experiences.

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation is an international trend forecasting and consulting agency founded in 2007, dedicated to beauty innovations. Tailored reports offering Consumer Insights and Market Intelligence are also available to boost innovation and transform insights into bespoke leverages. The agency leverages trends and industry expertise to build innovative concepts, elevates scientific stories to help R&D departments, and recommends bespoke innovative concepts or platforms for international brands.

For more information, contact or visit the website at Follow the team on Twitter & Instagram: @cosmeticseeds.

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