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20 & 21 September 2023

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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No makeup makeup : less products but with maximum impact !


MakeUp in NewYork tradeshow is just around the corner with its 2021 edition from 22nd to 23rd September at the River Pavilion (Javits Center). While waiting for this major event, let’s take a look at a big makeup trend for 2021 : the no makeup makeup look. It is of course not something unheard of before however it now springs from a different perspective.

Going along with the movement we see in beauty, called skinimalism, makeup this year is all about using fewer products to achieve a healthy complexion. Previously the no makeup makeup trend was more about faking natural beauty while sometimes using even more products than a classic makeup routine.

This year, with the impact of the pandemic, consumers have learnt to see their skin without makeup more often and many have accepted their so-called flaws. As a result, no makeup makeup post-Covid is focused on using less products but with maximum impact. We can see two types of categories emerging in this trend :

Hybrid products

Hybrid beauty products are products blurring the lines between skincare and makeup. They often offer benefits to the skin in terms of hydration, plumping, anti-aging and so on all the while bringing light coverage for imperfections or a healthy glow to the lips, cheeks or eyes. They are becoming increasingly popular among consumers since a big shift toward skincare has operated. Taking care of ones skin is the number one priority for many and if this can be combined with a beauty enhancement similar to what makeup would do it is even better. Many brands have come up with products offering just that and it is now common to find such items at popular beauty retailers. Even beauty mogul Huda Kattan, known for her heavy makeup looks launched Glowish, a line of makeup products that fuses skin-healthy ingredients into formulas designed to enhance (not hide) ones natural skin.

Multitasking products

Achieving a no makeup makeup look in 2021 is also about using fewer products, hence the popularity of multitasking ones. It is now common to find products that you can use on the lips, cheeks and eyes at the same time. Not only is this a money saving and minimalist stand, but it also fits with new beauty expectation. Indeed, when using one product for various areas of the face there are fewer varying textures and color tones so the result is usually closer to what a face without any makeup would look like. Strong of this observation, new brand Minori launched a small range of sheer glosses, cheek tints and highlighters that can be worn on the lips, cheeks and eyes, with shades that can flatter all skin tones, in an attempt to bridge universal with minimalism.

The no makeup makeup trend will surely continue to grow as the younger generation, Gen Z, is – even more than Millennials – championing body inclusivity and acceptance.

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