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2023 June, 14 & 15

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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Managing CSR: purpose, responsible management and environmental impact

Thursday 16 June

An event for the benefit of CEW Beauty Centres France

The CEW welcomes 5 of the authors of the L’Oréal Alumni CSR Green Book, to analyse the main lessons of this “pragmatic and daring book, the result of 18 months of work, interviews and research, carried out with the cooperation of the L’Oréal Alumni CSR team”. The authors will also share with you their expert vision to futher and open new avenues.

The conference will address 3 topics around the 3 pillars of CSR:

  • the company, “its raison d’être”,
  • humans, “responsible management”,
  • products “eco-design “.

A conference moderated by Laurence Moulin, DG CEW France

To book your place and leave with the CSR Green Book, make a donation of 15 euros to the benefit of CEW Beauty Centres France

L’Oréal Alumni: The association brings together former managers of the L’Oréal group who have acquired a vision, reflexes within one of the world’s most beautiful companies, and then enriched it with other experiences, other sensibilities. Driven by the desire to share, they built a relationships based on openness, curiosity and ambition.

CEW France: An international, feminine and supportive network, it offers cosmetics and perfume professionals a professional and charitable project, that reinforces the meaning of their profession in beauty. With an exclusive programme of meetings to expand their networks and reflect on a responsible and innovative future for the sector, and a conviction that “beauty is not futile, it helps people live better”. Since 1992, the CEW Beauty Centres have been the first free individual socio-aesthetic care action in hospitals for patients. 36,000 beauty care treatments are provided each year to 26,000 patients to give them a real moment of well-being, comfort and self-esteem through beauty.

Marina Repina

CSR Consultant, Founder


Philippe Guguen

Professor of Marketing, Executive director


Stéphanie Daudier

Executive coach, Founder


Laurence Caisey



Alexandre Bégué

Consultant, Executive Coach, Founder