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2023 June, 14 & 15

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Values and Brand Value : what may be the challenges for Brands, today and in the future ?

Thursday 16 June

“Brand “values” have never been so important than before.

COVID have boosted the necessity for brands to carry these values. Values that are specifically ​​challenged by consumers. The lack of adequacy between value and consumer is the major cause of purchase abandonment, according to different studies.

Young Indie Brands and Big Groups are all concerned by this change of context.

So, what are the values ​​expected by consumers, today and tomorrow?

How do brands work with them?

Between Mission, Vision, Values: the challenge is to bring meaning and actions

But does “working on your values” means “working on your brand value”? what may be the risk in the cosmetics market, where differentiation, value proposition, is essential ?

Emmanuelle Dumas


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