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2023 June, 14 & 15

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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BYJIN provides full service for finished cosmetics by combining specialized capsule formulations and innovative packaging. We offer turnkey cosmetics solutions by using our accumulated experience and know-how, including control of the production process, product planning, R&D, and design. We could assist your business with an objective perspective and fantastical products to accelerate the launch of a brand or a new product.

Product higlight

BYJIN - Powder-cleansers

Powder Cleansers

Powder cleanser is especially great for sensitive skin because they exfoliate the skin gently and it is activated only when you add water.
Our powder cleanser has no sulfate-surfactants and preservatives which can cause skin irritation.
It is very gentle cleansing powder similar to silk powder and it is formulated with EWG GREEN GRADE and EU REACH certified ingredients. It is composed of 95% natural ingredients and it is hypoallergenic products.
We have two kinds of Powder cleanser Oatmeal- hydrating and bamboo is good adsorption ability for deep cleansing.

BYJIN - Oil-Drops-in-Serum

Oil Drops in Serum

The Oil component is essential to retaining water in the cells. With age, oil in skin decreases and lack of water makes aging signs more visible. The oil droplets transform into a fresh moisturizing essence penetrating deep into the skin. it will leave your skin feeling soft as cashmere.
Applying a screw technology for oil dispersion in a base formula, it allows these billions of oil microcapsules to be protected by a self-assembled and stabilized micro bubbling membrane.

Oil Drop dispersed in essence without an emulsifier, suitable for the design of hypoallergenic formulations.
It provides a smooth feeling of use without feeling of foreign substances with pure oil drop rather than a capsule with core/shell structure.