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European Skincare and Makeup trends

Climate-Adapting beauty

Wow Climate Adapting Beauty

In an ever-changing world, adapting our skincare routines to varying environmental
conditions has become essential. Climate-adapting skincare is an emerging trend that
recognizes the impact of environmental factors on our skin’s health and appearance. By
tailoring products to address specific climate-related concerns, this innovative approach
ensures optimal skincare performance. Let’s explore the concept of climate-adapting
skincare and discover the objectives behind these transformative products.

Skin defense

Climate change presents significant challenges, including increased skin damage from UV
rays and pollution. To combat these issues, skincare brands are developing products that
shield the skin from the sun, detoxify it from pollutants, and provide vital hydration.
Increasingly popular are sunscreens with higher SPF ratings and mineral-based formulas.
Additionally, incorporating antioxidants like vitamin C offers protection against
environmental damage. To support skin barrier health, brands are incorporating
ingredients such as ceramides and niacinamide. Ceramides, naturally occurring lipids,
reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, while niacinamide aids in moisture retention and
prevents loss of natural oils. US brand Ogee exemplifies this trend with their climateadaptive
moisturizer. This innovative product senses the environmental humidity levels
and delivers the perfect amount of moisturization, ensuring effective skincare under
changing climate conditions.

Geolocalized products

Geolocation technology has revolutionized the beauty industry, enabling tailored
treatments based on individuals’ specific needs and environmental stress factors. By
utilizing GPS technology, beauty apps and devices provide personalized
recommendations considering weather conditions and other environmental elements.
Geolocation-based beauty products offer numerous advantages. For instance, skincare
apps can recommend a higher SPF sunscreen when the user is in a sunny location or
suggest a hydrating serum for areas with low humidity. This customized approach
ensures that consumers receive treatments that address their unique requirements,
safeguarding their skin from environmental stressors. Moreover, geolocation helps
promote sustainable beauty routines by suggesting products suitable for the user’s
location and weather conditions, minimizing touch-ups and reducing waste. Pour Moi
Skincare, a US beauty company, embraces this trend by developing products that can be
rotated based on local weather and climate conditions, optimizing skincare performance
across different environments.

Climate anxiety-relief

Climate change brings challenges and uncertainties that impact mental health.
Consumers are seeking beauty products with a low environmental impact that also
alleviate anxiety and promote overall wellbeing. The use of natural and organic beauty
products has gained popularity due to their minimal environmental footprint, creating a
sense of calm and reducing stress. Aromatherapy, with its ancient roots, plays a
significant role in stress relief. Beauty products now incorporate essential oils and
fragrances specifically designed to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, allowing
consumers to experience the benefits of aromatherapy in their daily routine. In addition,
consumers are embracing mindfulness and self-care rituals in their beauty routines to
combat anxiety. Engaging in activities like meditation, yoga, journaling, or indulging in
relaxing baths promotes mindfulness and self-care. Neom Organics, a UK aroma brand,
formulates skincare products with essential oil blends that enhance sleep, happiness, and
relaxation, perfectly aligning with this trend.
Climate-adapting skincare is an insightful and innovative approach that recognizes the
diverse needs of our skin in different environmental conditions. By leveraging scientific
knowledge and tailoring formulations, skincare brands are ensuring optimal protection,
personalized care, and enhanced wellbeing. Adaptation is key in preserving the health
and appearance of our skin amidst the ever-changing world we live in.

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