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European Skincare and Makeup trends

The Power of Shadow

Peclers - The Power Shadow

Exclusively for MakeUp in Paris, Peclers Paris reveals one of their 6 Beauty & Wellness trends developed for the 2022 season.

Romantic melancholy with a retro cinema feel meets the experimental futurism of virtual worlds to create a dark and dreamy mood that explores our deep inner worlds. An evolution of “Emotional exploration”, which touches on mental health, it embraces shadows and uses ‘black matter’ to better transcend and reveal its enigmatic beauty.  

Subtle nuances in muted half-tones: shadow gray, soft greige, onyx, velvety mauve and smoky red are offset by vibrant futuristic flashes of electric turquoise, chili red, mirror gold and flamboyant emerald.

Absolute black intensifies nocturnal eclipse effects or is enhanced with scintillating reflections.

Exclusive photo Peclers Paris
Photo : Kid Cudi’s “Man On the Moon III” album


Between introspection and immersive exploration, interiority and ‘dark’ influences are a powerful source of inspiration that permeates all cultural and aesthetic spheres.

“The Power of Shadow” trend draws from the heart of its influences.


Mysterious seduction, dramatized look and blurred aesthetics inspire and define the new beauty canons of this trend, between glamour and digital modernity.

Photo : Model Xiaoxing Mao

What aesthetic translations can be made of this trend? Peclers Paris offers you 3 creative scenarios:

  • Ghostly romance
  • Exploring darkness
  • Mystery world
Photo Sabrina Rinaldi

Ghostly romance

Blurred contours, soft focus transparency and shaded gradations: a misty mood permeates cosmetics and envelops us in a melancholy and austere romantic winter softness.

Exploring darkness

Extraordinary textures, mysterious nocturnal reflections, powerful dark ingredients and a palette of rich mock blacks: exploring the transformative power of shadows and strangeness.

Photo Lucia Perron
Photo Marika D’Auteuil

Mystery world

Strange surreal effects, clashing colors and high drama looks: video games and digital experiences inspire novel aesthetics and infuse a new twist to underground beauty codes.

Peclers Paris allows you to imagine new perspectives for a commited and positive future. Peclers Paris empowers creativity, always.

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