MakeUp in World

2023 June, 14 & 15

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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Workshops & Animations

1…2…3… Ready? Go for it! Formulate!!!

An ephemeral laboratory of cosmetic formulation, ethical makeup products in DIY, a theme : emotional cosmetics.

“From virtual… to sensory!”

The increasingly extensive use of digital technology in the customer journey in the world of skincare and make-up should not make us forget that the experience of the senses remains a need, if not vital, then at least essential, to give meaning, create links and capture those little “je-ne-sais-quoi”, those weak signals, which allow us to move towards a more relevant response to the issues raised by our consumers. Today, consumers are demanding transparency and ethics. This is what we propose to give them, by bringing them closer to the product, the manufacturing processes, the raw materials, their use and their origin: this is the art of a TRUE, sincere, local marketing approach.

“Take up the natural challenge”

It is one thing to praise make-up and skincare products made with raw, minimally processed raw materials. But, in a cosmetic universe dominated by processed, stabilised, ultra-performing synthetic ingredients, which play the sensorial card to the full, accelerating their distribution is another. How to get a demanding and accustomed consumer on board in this radical change?

“co-lab-ora X MakeUp in Paris X emotional cosmetics”

For the 2nd year, the co-lab-ora cosmetic formulation laboratory is investing MakeUp in Paris to bring visitors closer to the formulation of a makeup product, through an ephemeral laboratory, participatory workshops open to all, animated by an expert in cosmetic formulation.

This year, let’s discover the formulation of emotional cosmetics, these make-up products that settle on our moods, our desires, our life : a lip PEPS and a customizable night SERUM.