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12 & 13 Février 2025

LA Convention Center

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Beauty Talk #2: Transient Utopia – Revisiting the Codes of Lifestyle

mardi 14 février
3:30 pm

Beauty adapts to always-on-the-move lifestyles, as the thirst for leisure and the
rising nomad economy drive innovation. The travel surge calls for refreshed routines
and simpler, smarter formats that reimagine the practical nature of beauty products.
Climatic changes will continue to impact choices and behaviors, calling for new
thermal sensations, soothing textures, and the skinification of suncare. Demand for
intelligent SPF hybrids will rise as daily defense becomes central to the preparation
for a better future.

Leila will share how changes in lifestyle and rising nomadism are impacting beauty, with a focus on new narratives. This will be followed by a discussion with Jessica Abrams, Vice President / Head of Product Development at  Summer Fridays, Katrina Virani, Vice President / Head of Product Development at Vacations and Richard Welch CEO of Utu. They will discuss how these new lifestyles are impacting our industry, from the rise of urban protection to climate-adaptive products.

Richard Welch



Katrina Virani

VP of Product Development


Leila Rochet

Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation