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What’s Next for Anti-Aging: Seizing Opportunities between the Blurred Lines

As consumers become more knowledgeable and curious, their expectations, especially in the world of beauty, become increasingly complex and lines start to blur between what used to be clear cut territories. Consumers now adhere less to strict categories; instead, they seek out products that cater precisely to their individual needs.   For instance, consumers have recently […]


Granny Chic Trend Delights In Old Fashioned Aesthetics

Consumers embrace the sweet and comforting coziness of grandmother aesthetics, as we see social media trends like #grandmacore and #coastalgrandma explode in popularity on TikTok. As the “Grandmillennial” aesthetic makes its way into beauty, consumers welcome a reclamation of traditional designs and classic products, while also elevating whimsical, romantic motifs through a lens of timeless […]

Singular Beauty

Singular beauty: from inclusivity to individuality

Today, defining individuals solely by their genetic or cultural origin is no longer sufficient. Consumers expect to be addressed on a more personal level, and they expect brands to consider many facets of their cultural, geographical, spiritual, societal, and genetic influences. SINGULAR BEAUTY is rooted in the idea that each consumer has a multitude of […]


Lips in Asia are all about finishes this season

Remember last year, lip shades were all about complexion-matching and nude shades, as well as muted, low saturated tones. This Spring-Summer season, the lip category is being redefined by textures and finishes. Trendy looks Plumpy shiny lips are in trend, with a clear shift from matte to shiny lips now that masks are becoming optional. […]

Médecine Esthétique

How beauty products can replace, support or enhance the aesthetic medicine journey

Today, our beauty routine is shared between cosmetics products and tweakments (non-invasive treatments like fillers, Botox and other micro-procedures). Globally tweakments are booming. Over 7 million people in the US alone underwent Botox in 2022 (The Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation) and the global dermal fillers market is expected to reach a value of […]

Emotional Resonance Of Beauty

The emotional resonance of beauty

Explore Upcoming Beauty & Wellness Trends Decoded by Peclers Paris’ Experts. In response to the ever-increasing unpredictability of our daily lives, emerges a profound need for intensity and value that transcends conventional notions of Beauty. This quest unveils a rich palette of emotions, expanding the holistic scope of our experiences. This evolution not only breaks […]

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Korean Skincare Trends

The Korean skincare market, renowned for innovation and trend-setting, has witnessed a notable surge in specific skincare trends, as revealed by search data. Spate’s latest review of this data offers a comprehensive review of these trends, emphasizing the shifting preferences of Korean consumers. This analysis is particularly valuable for brands seeking to draw inspiration from […]

Ana Allen Trends Watch

Trend Watch – MakeUp in LosAngeles 2024

By Ana Allen, MakeUp in LosAngeles 2024 Ambassador Introduction: This trend report will touch upon what is driving the market for makeup and skincare in North America, drilling down on the state of the market, the key trends and what will be driving these two dynamic categories in the future. State of the Market: Two […]


Health at the heart of consumers’ expectations of virtuous beauty

Virtuous beauty encompasses notions such as “clean beauty” and “green beauty”. To gain a better understanding of what consumers expect from these concepts, NellyRodi used a social media listening survey, analysing almost 2.5 million online conversations in France and the United States, for its study Virtuous Beauty (October 2023). The results highlight a marked need […]



Introduction Cosmetic cryotherapy is emerging from its elitist past to reveal itself as an accessible innovation. It embodies a harmony between technology, beauty and well-being, redefining the way we think about our relationship with cold on the one hand, and our relationship with body and mind on the other. Cryotherapy : from health to beauty For […]

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The mask-free era has given rise to new aspirations for a flawless and healthy complexion that complements beautiful lips. However, in the face of climate issues, hidden dehydration, environmental aggressions, and evolving lifestyles, the categories related to complexion (primers, BB Creams, foundations, and powders) need to introduce fresh benefits. The goal is to achieve a […]

Genderful Beauty

Genderful Beauty

Thanks to the influence of TikTok and the rise of a new generation of male influencers, the men’s makeup category is undergoing a major transformation. A more unbridled vision of masculinity and out-of-the-box representations are emerging, driven by a more open-minded Generation Z. Fuelled by the boom in #GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos, a […]

Celebrating Age

Celebrating Age – Across Generations

PROMOTING HEALTHY AGING With the global population living longer and growing older, the consequences of aging are gaining more attention than ever. The United Nations has proclaimed the years 2021–2030 as the “Decade of Healthy Aging.” This decade aims to foster healthy aging and improve the lives of older individuals, their families, and communities by […]

Feel Good

Feel Good Products

Makeup and skincare form an important connection with our mental health and personal expression, as sensorial, shape-shifting, and feel-good products encourage play, cosmetic experimentation, and joyful individuality. Shape-Shifting Textures There is a clear, unifying theme for sensorial exploration, personal expression, and feel good fun through skincare and makeup. Thematic, immersive concepts like Faber Castell’s TriP […]

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SPF-Infused Cosmetics & Skincare 

The market for suncare products has grown exponentially in recent years. The main reason? Product innovations that turn sunscreens into fun and original luxury products. Sun care has grown exponentially as a market over the last few years, as new product innovations transform sunscreen into something luxe, fun, and fresh. We’ve seen several shifts within […]