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Light as Air

A need for gentler, kinder routines results in sensorial engaging products that softly soothe consumer senses, with light-as-air textures, soft touch packaging, and comforting products that keep us feeling calm. Consumers are taking the necessary time to reconnect with themselves, reexamine routines, and nourish their lives, resulting in an increased demand for meaningful, thoughtful designs […]

Ingredients inspired by traditional medicines

Ingredients inspired by traditional medicines

The beauty industry’s focus on natural ingredients and ancestral practices has led to the incorporation of remedies inspired by traditional medicines into beauty products.These remedies, which have been used for centuries, are known for their effectiveness in preventing and treating a range of health conditions. They have now gained popularity in the beauty industry due […]


HyperFemme Indulges In Whimsical Femininity

Playful, sensorial, and nostalgic, we see feel-good components collide with a resurging celebration of feminine energy to create an unabashedly girly beauty mood. As hype grows for the upcoming Barbie movie and #Barbiecore shows no signs of slowing, consumers embrace the power of the female gaze through beauty looks, as there’s a push to reclaim […]


Choosing between green-beauty and green washing

With an estimated turnover of 213 billion euros in 2020 and an increasing trend every year, the beauty industry inevitably has an impact on the environment. In France, it is responsible for around 55,000 tons of plastic per year, just over 5% of all plastic packaging in households. Heavily criticized, it needs to rethink its […]

Skin First

Skin First

Everyone agrees: the last two years have accelerated existing trends. Changes in our daily lives, from home working, to wearing masks or using hand sanitisers several times a day, have of course had an impact on our approach to skin care and make-up. Everyone agrees to say that the last two years have accelerated already […]

Peclers - The Power Shadow

The Power of Shadow

Exclusively for MakeUp in Paris, Peclers Paris reveals one of their 6 Beauty & Wellness trends developed for the 2022 season. Romantic melancholy with a retro cinema feel meets the experimental futurism of virtual worlds to create a dark and dreamy mood that explores our deep inner worlds. An evolution of “Emotional exploration”, which touches […]