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The Key Trends in Eye and Lips Category in Asia

VIBRANT & EXPRESSIVE EYES There is a surging demand for highly-pigmented eyeliners and mascaras, particularly within the younger generations. Moreover, the trend of the Dopamine look gaining momentum in China has sparked an increased desire for vivid, contrasting color eye shadows. Amid the prolonged epidemic and a sluggish economy, a delightful trend known as “color […]

Gen Z V2

Gen Z Embraces Dopamines-Boosting Products

By Mallory Huron, Senioe Strategist for Beauty & Wellness Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers look for experimental beauty that brings them a sense of control and empowerment, as tactility and fun resonate with younger generations. Texture and sensorial beauty stir up feel-good emotions, while packaging offers a dose of whimsical escape through brightly colored […]

tiktok skincare

Tik Tok Trends

As summer sets in, many people adjust their daily routines in response to the climbing temperatures. One area that sees a significant shift is skincare. Amidst the rituals of slathering on sunscreen and braving the elements—sun, sand, and sea—it becomes increasingly important to establish skincare routines that cater to a healthy complexion. In light of […]

back to school

Back to School

As we gear up for the new school year, all eyes are on the creative side of beauty. This time around, Spate is diving into the trends that students are going for to really stand out as they hit the halls and start their studies. There’s a big dose of nostalgia in the air as […]

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Unveiling Ewelina Aiossa’s Vision on Beauty Trends

The focus of the beauty business in 2023 and beyond will be on products that combine beauty with health, such as those that enhance mental, hormonal, or sexual well-being. Along with a hyper-personalized approach to beauty, there will be a movement toward science-based skincare products that support the skin barrier and its microbiota. As customers […]

NR1 -ok

How is Gen Z appropriating beauty codes and hacking them?

Generation Z, young consumers aged 13 to 26, are at a key stage in their identity construction. where self-exploration and self-affirmation are at the heart of their daily concerns. For them, beauty plays a major role, enabling them to experience their identities in motion. In the process of this creative exploration, they don’t hesitate to […]

WOW Climate-Adapting Beauty

Climate-Adapting beauty

In an ever-changing world, adapting our skincare routines to varying environmentalconditions has become essential. Climate-adapting skincare is an emerging trend thatrecognizes the impact of environmental factors on our skin’s health and appearance. Bytailoring products to address specific climate-related concerns, this innovative approachensures optimal skincare performance. Let’s explore the concept of climate-adaptingskincare and discover the objectives […]

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What’s Next for Anti-Aging: Seizing Opportunities between the Blurred Lines

As consumers become more knowledgeable and curious, their expectations, especially in the world of beauty, become increasingly complex and lines start to blur between what used to be clear cut territories. Consumers now adhere less to strict categories; instead, they seek out products that cater precisely to their individual needs.   For instance, consumers have recently […]


Granny Chic Trend Delights In Old Fashioned Aesthetics

Consumers embrace the sweet and comforting coziness of grandmother aesthetics, as we see social media trends like #grandmacore and #coastalgrandma explode in popularity on TikTok. As the “Grandmillennial” aesthetic makes its way into beauty, consumers welcome a reclamation of traditional designs and classic products, while also elevating whimsical, romantic motifs through a lens of timeless […]

Singular Beauty

Singular beauty: from inclusivity to individuality

Today, defining individuals solely by their genetic or cultural origin is no longer sufficient. Consumers expect to be addressed on a more personal level, and they expect brands to consider many facets of their cultural, geographical, spiritual, societal, and genetic influences. SINGULAR BEAUTY is rooted in the idea that each consumer has a multitude of […]

industry innovation

What does beauty industry innovation really mean?

The cosmetics and personal care sector thrives on what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next. There is an insatiable appetite for novelty among marketers, manufacturers, and media; among chemists, consumers, and CEOs. Everywhere you look in beauty, it seems as if ‘newest’ equates to ‘best’. We find ourselves now on the brink of the next […]


Skincare novelty « Fermented Beauty »

Interview with Nathalie Dessirier, Marketing Director at MS BEAUTILAB Why did you decide to focus on “fermented beauty”, new trend which, according to the market research firm WGSN, is going to have a long-lasting impact on the beauty market? To revive an ancestral process of green chemistry, whose benefits are known and sought after by […]


Nouveau Goth

Modern goth goes glam, as an updated take on darker makeup moods combines the aesthetic of an emo haute couture catwalk, as punk and grunge inspired styles boom on TikTok and aesthetics like “gothcore” and “dark naturalism” inspire creativity. Modern goth goes glam, as an updated take on darker makeup moods combines the aesthetic of […]


Y2K Revival

Nostalgia continues to reign supreme over the beauty industry, as we see a strong interest in Y2K beauty aesthetics, driven by Gen Z’s obsession with aesthetic experimentation and need for feel-good play, as early 00s style captures the imagination of expressive, curious young consumers. Nostalgia continues to reign supreme over the beauty industry, as we […]


Cyber Era

As technology propels us into a new era, we become fascinated by alien life forms and virtual avatars, as we embrace a digital-age aesthetic, with beauty products inspired by futuristic colors and other-worldly textures. As technology propels us into a new era, we become fascinated by alien life forms and virtual avatars, as we embrace […]