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European Skincare and Makeup trends

New territories of expression for beauty brands

Mup Brands

Brands are transcending their traditional aesthetic identities and are increasingly focusing on authenticity and the promotion of a genuine lifestyle. With this in mind, brands are evolving, reinventing themselves or refocusing on a variety of areas, all the while pursuing their quest for meaning; Beauty Goes 360…

New brand postures are emerging, opening the way to new territories of expression. Here are three of the 5 brand postures detailed in NellyRodi’s Beauty Goes 360 study.

1) The Protector

The Protector brand is committed to preserving people’s physical and mental health, while caring for their emotions.

It creates a safe and caring environment, forming a reassuring bubble around each individual. Through attentive listening, she values the essence of each person and demonstrates a deep understanding of their particularities, guiding them with dedication through every stage of life.

Her mission is to ensure the preservation of physical and mental health, and to facilitate (re)connection with oneself, so that everyone can evolve in a comfortable environment.

Brands such as La Rosée and La Roche Posay embody this posture

2) The Hacker

The Hacker brand guides individuals in their quest for self-improvement and absolute control.

It pushes individuals to “hack” their own bodies with an ultimate goal in mind: to push back the limits of longevity. With an emphasis on innovation, it defends a pragmatic vision of beauty, to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

The Hackeuse brand embodies a bold vision where innovation, self-improvement and the quest for longevity converge for a more radical personal transformation.

Brands like k18hair, and the ZOI clinic embody this posture.

3) The Inspirer

The Inspirer brand guides individuals in their quest for elevation towards an ideal, where beauty transcends the ordinary.

Always in tune with the times, it intrigues with its distinctive culture and innovative image. Playing the role of artistic curator, its posture favors refinement, detail and authentic beauty, offering a means of elevation.

His mission is to inspire, transforming every moment into an exceptional, meaningful experience.

Brands like BYREDO, and Documents Perfume embody this posture.



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