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Black Beauty Consumer Trends through TikTok

Black Beauty

Spate’s report, Black Beauty Consumer Trends on TikTok, created in collaboration with SULA LABS, is a groundbreaking resource for brands aiming to connect with Black consumers in the beauty space.

This report extensively explores popular hashtags within Black communities on TikTok, concentrating on four main areas: Skincare, Hair, Makeup, and Body Care. These hashtags are more than just trending topics; they reflect the priorities and preferences of Black consumers in their beauty routines. Through careful analysis, Spate and SULA LABS provide a comprehensive look into the changing trends and needs of Black consumers on this highly visual platform.

A notable aspect of this report is its detailed examination of various beauty care elements. It identifies major skin concerns among Black consumers and provides insights into the skincare products and ingredients that appeal to this demographic. The report also highlights common hair types within the Black community, offering guidance for brands to create products that address diverse hair needs, including wigs and protective styles.

Additionally, the report underscores the importance of nuance in makeup products, such as creating a pink blush suitable for deeper skin tones. This insight is vital for makeup brands seeking to offer an inclusive product range. By catering to these specific needs, brands can develop products that not only satisfy Black consumers but also celebrate their unique beauty.

“Spate and SULA LABS have leveraged a combination of data analysis and experiential insights to bring essential TikTok trends to life. AJ and her team at SULA LABS have graciously contributed their professional and personal experience to offer a well-rounded understanding of the preferences and priorities of Black consumers today,” says Spate Co-Founder, Yarden Horwitz.

This report is a strategic guide for brands. Whether your brand already addresses the needs of melanin-rich skin tones or is looking to expand its range to include more diverse hair types and beauty needs, this report is an essential tool for positioning your brand inclusively and thoughtfully in the dynamic beauty industry.

Download the full report to learn more.


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