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Key Skincare Trends on Social Media

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Social media’s role in beauty continues to expand and evolve from a place of inspiration to a source of innovation. New trends, techniques, and semantics cascade from the online universes of TikTok and IG to the offline world, changing the very culture of skincare and makeup. With the power to create new narratives that alter consumer behaviors, social media is more than just a playground – it’s an essential insight tool.

Every month, the Cosmetics IC team works alongside social media data analysts (Spate and Tribe Dynamics) to decipher the latest beauty trends, identify the most inspiring influencers and spotlight the buzzing products that are shifting the dial on beauty. During MakeUp in Paris, the Cosmetics IC team will present their latest Social Books at Booth T4, where visitors can experience an expert edit of the viral brands, products and trends currently leading the conversation on social media.

Here is a snapshot from our latest skincare social analysis, taken from March 2024:

Top 3 Skincare Brands March 20241 – Propelled by Younger Generations.

N° 1. (in EMV) Summer Fridays: +140% YoY

Summer Fridays celebrated its 6th birthday in March with the launch of the Jet Lag Overnight Eye Serum, building on the success of its original hero product – the Jet Lag Mask. Every birthday deserves a good party, and the brand hosted its own at The Grove Los Angeles, with a travel-inspired pop-up called “In The Clouds”. Customers could sample the new products and shop limited edition merch in a dreamy, minimalist setting.

N° 2. (in EMV) Glow Recipe: +141% YoY

The Korean-inspired brand is one of Gen Alpha’s favorite skincare brands, boosted by Tiktok (representing 33% of their EMV). It was also boosted by the launch of the Watermelon Glow Hue Drops at the end of February, which was promoted with a number of viral activations, including “The Dewy World of Glow Recipe” pop-up at Times Square on the 22nd of March. Customers received a complimentary engraving on a full-size purchase of Watermelon Glow Hue Drops or Dew Drops.

N° 3. (in EMV) Sol de Janeiro: +114% YoY

Always a much-talked-about brand on TikTok, Sol de Janeiro is adored by Gen Z (and increasingly by Gen Alpha), tapping the algorithm with videos that explore their product’s more playful and sensorial aspects. The new Rio Radiance SPF 50 collection (sunscreen spray, oil and lotion) was launched in March with a video starring celebrity influencer Sofia Richie Grainge.

Top TikTok Skincare Trends March 2024 – Savvy consumers find new paths for skin solutions adapted to their needs and wallets.

Skin Streaming – Simplified Skincare Routines

#skinstreaming (51.3M views)2 – Influencer to watch: @dermguru

Skin Streaming is a trend focused on simplifying skincare routines by using fewer products that serve multiple purposes, rather than relying on a multitude of single-use products. “Skin Streaming” achieves a +34460% MoM and a +16660% YoY increase.3

Matte Sunscreens – Shine-Free Protection

#softmattesunscreen (13.1M views)2 – Influencer to watch: @paularmzz

Matte sunscreen offers sun protection while avoiding a greasy or shiny finish. Trending products include Bubble’s Solar Mate and Joseon’s Matte Sun Stick. “Matte Sunscreen” achieves a +2533% MoM and a +507% YoY increase.3

Turmeric Masks – Homemade Radiance Remedies

#turmericfacemask (42.9M views)2 – Influencer to watch:

In March, Turmeric Masks experienced a surge in popularity as internet users crafted their own glow-inducing topical remedies. Turmeric’s rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are believed to bring brightening and radiance to the skin. “Turmeric Mask” achieves a +92% MoM and a +222% YoY increase.3

Buzzing products on TikTok – Highlights the ever-growing interest in K-Beauty and porcelain skin.

Cosrx – The 6 Peptide Skin Booster

#skinflooding (265.9M views)2

COSRX’s 6 Peptide Skin Booster, introduced in August 2023, is gaining visibility thanks to the growing interest in the skin flooding trend. Skin flooding, akin to moisture sandwiching, hydrates by layering products with diverse ingredients and delivery methods, with Hyaluronic Acid as a key player. “Skin Flooding” has surged by +2292% MoM.3

I’m From – Rice Toner

#ricetoner (93M views)2

I’m From’s Rice Toner has been instrumental in shaping the rice toner trend, alongside brands like Tirtir, amid a growing interest in K-beauty. Rice toner, infused with rice extracts, aims to hydrate, brighten, and refine the complexion. “Rice Toner” has surged by +2955% YoY.3

SKNBODY – Hair Identifier Spray

#sknbodysprayfacialhairshavekit (159M views)2

Launched in February 2024, the Sknbody Hair Identifier Spray aims to simplify dermaplaning by coloring hairs white, making them more visible for precise shaving. When influencers began testing the product in March, it caused a big buzz on social media, with some videos clocking up over 15 million views.2

Cosmetics Ic Socialbook Skincare

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A special thank you to our data partners Tribe Dynamics and Spate.

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Photo: Deathtostock – Photography by Shauna Summers