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European Skincare and Makeup trends

What is makeup without a good cleanser?


Cleansing can dramatically change skin texture, hence enhancing makeup adherence and finish. In Asia, cleansing , as part of skincare , can have different functions to target different skin concerns. Lately these are the 3 directions in cleansing in Japan:

  • DULLNESS: Cleansing off sebum and makeup prevents the skin from dullness.
  • PORES: Focusing on pores to achieve the perfect “pore-less” skin is about softening dead skin on rough areas such as nose and chin.
  • SAGGY SKIN: Last but not least, incorporating massaging with cleanser allow to improves lymph flow and avoid saggy skin.

Let us take a look at the latest trends in cleansers, which is anything but a boring category in Asia!

1 – It’s about sensoriality & heating care: An emerging trend in the sensory experience of facial cleansers is the incorporation of warming elements. The gentle warming sensation upon application is touted not only for its comforting feel but also for its potential to enhance pore cleansing. This sensorial aspect is becoming a unique selling point, distinguishing products in a crowded market. Korean brand SEPIBU launched QUICK CLEAN OIL TO FOAM CLEANSER (KR) a 2-in-1 cleanser (cleansing oil + cleansing foam) that easily dissolves makeup and sebum,thanks to its innovative heating oil. Infused with BHA in its heating oil formula, it effectively softens and removes stubborn dead skin cells and sebum, providing a sensation similar to a steam massage.

Cleanser 1

2 – Its about ingredients : collagen trending in Korea, botanical extracts in Japan. MEDIPEELre-launched a LACTO-COLLAGEN CLEANSING OIL  (KR), an upgraded deep cleansing oil specially formulated for pores, featuring ingredients that work twice as effectively to thoroughly cleanse both the surface and deep within the pores.

Cleanser 2

3 – It’s about skin sensitivity. Brands are now developing cleansers that target very specific concerns and variations of sensitivity, acknowledging that sensitive skin is not a one-size-fits-all category. This accelerated sub-segmentation allows for more personalized and effective solutions for consumers, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty. DR. YU SKIN BARRIER GENTLE CLEANSING GEL (CN) is formulated with new Repairing Cleansing Technology, the large particle size hydrogel cluster directly targets deep cleansing without damaging the skin.

Cleanser 3

4 – Its about targeting deep pore cleansing to create the perfect canvas for skincare and makeup application (rather getting rid of these pores than covering them with primers !). Foam is a popular texture especially in Japan, as it uses the suction power of the foam to remove impurities, the cushion of foam protects the skin from friction. Japanese brand ADEIS launched CLAY CLEANSING (JP), a combination clay and foam with high concentration carbonic acid and French natural clay that wraps your skin without causing friction, while efficiently removing sebum and impurities from pores. The clay has a high adsorption power, so it adheres closely to the skin and has the effect of removing oxidized sebum and keratin plugs remaining in pores which can cause acne, rough skin and dullness, leading to a clearer skin tone.

Cleanser 4

Adding to these trends, controlling oiliness remains a primary concern for a significant portion. The market indicates a persistent demand for facial cleansers that can effectively manage sebum production without over-drying the skin. This balance is key to addressing not only the aesthetic concerns associated with oiliness but also the potential for subsequent skin issues such as acne.

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