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How To Get A Place In The Chinese Market Makeup In Paris

How to get a place in the Chinese market?

The largest market in the world is also known to be one of the most difficult. Here are some keys to getting started. More than 700 million consumers, a pronounced taste for make-up products – very anchored in the local culture – and a high purchasing power that is constantly getting closer to Western standards… […]

Anti Aging

How to talk about anti-aging without being anti-aging?

While Adélaïde LOHIO, founder of L’Observatoire Beauté – a weekly trendletter on beauty news – has made seniors her latest favorite subject (subscription study “Silver Gen, The Gold Gen Rush”), she encourages us to think about the discourse to adopt around anti-aging. How can we talk about anti-aging when we still haven’t found the source […]


Sustainable packaging solutions for Beauty

In the beauty world, packaging must become more sustainable. There are ways to achieve this small revolution. The context is well known. Since April 2021, a new and rather restrictive regulation limits the use of single-use plastic packaging. The decree of the Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law (AGEC), known as the “3R” – for Reduction, […]

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The beauty market forced to synchronize

Under the effect of the crises, the beauty market is reinventing itself, to be more sustainable, better protect the environment and involve consumers more.  How is the beauty market becoming more sustainable? In times of crisis, everything can change, and most often at high speed. Like in the beauty market. Review of trends with an […]