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European Skincare and Makeup trends

Asian Make up trends for Spring Summer 2024

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Spring/Summer 2024 makeup looks in Asia continue the trends from 2023, focusing on subtlety and enhancing the skin’s natural features to achieve a nuanced and healthy glow. Key concepts include ‘Inherent Glow,’ ‘Skin Vitality,’ and ‘Moisturized Radiance.‘ Plumpness is emphasized, extending from the skin to the lips, with the popularity of highlighters, glosses, balms, and a trend towards transparency. More than ever, makeup aims to achieve a ‘better than bare’ look, harmonizing shades within the same color spectrum and utilizing formulas infused with skincare benefits to enhance the natural clarity and beauty of the skin and other features.

Skin perfection begins with a new generation of hybrid primers, particularly those found in the UV category. Japanese brand Allie has launched its ‘Lasting Primer UV SPF50 PA+++‘ with seven claims, promising sun protection while beautifying the face. The primer contains red and silver pearl pigments that reflect light, eliminating dullness and providing a healthy glow. Korean brand Primera introduced its ‘REPAIRING CERA CAPSULE UV PROTECTOR TONE UP PRIMING SPF50+ PA++++‘ in February, a tone-up sunscreen that ensures flawless makeup application by enhancing adhesion and lasting power. Not only does it provide 72-hour moisture retention, but it also improves skin adhesion by 90.7%, enhances texture by 64.24%, and increases moisture by 68%.”

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The trend leans towards beautiful natural finishes infused with skincare benefits.
 A prime example of this trend is the launch of the leading Korean brand Hera with its “SKIN TINT COMFY SPREADER SPF50+ PA+++”. This hybrid formula features a hydrating cream base combined with micro-encapsulated tone-up powder, delivering a clear and translucent “blurry glass skin” appearance akin to freshly cleansed skin. Notably, the formula consists of 73% natural ingredients, enriched with 65% skincaring components, and offers 24-hour moisture retention.
 As consumers increasingly seek a natural and beautiful bare skin-like finish, brands are introducing products to enhance their natural facial contours by strategically illuminating key areas. One such product is the ‘Inoui Liquid Foundation’ from Japan. This foundation enhances bone structure, complexion, and skin texture, resulting in fresh, glossy skin, thanks to the Inoui Human and Light Contouring technique. This technique utilizes a hybrid of smooth oil and transparent gel, providing a light texture that seamlessly blends with the skin, effectively controlling light on the skin surface to accentuate the facial curves.

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Precision and definition for sharp eye looks are currently trending, especially in the Chinese market, with the launch of two key products.
SANZITANG, a prominent brand at the moment, introduces the 2-NIB POSITIONING LIQUID EYEBROW PENCIL (3rd GENERATION): a versatile liquid eyebrow pencil designed to last for up to 10 hours. This pencil assists users, especially beginners, in achieving natural and well-defined eyebrow looks with its corrective attributes.
INSBAHA (PROYA) introduces the SKINNY & MELTY GEL EYE LINER: a gel eyeliner featuring a double-arc razor edge design at a 45° angle, which naturally fits the contour of the eye. The thinnest part of the tip measures 1mm, making it convenient for coloring both the inner and outer corners of the eye. The double-arc applicator tip is designed for drawing sharp lines and creating softer shading, offering versatility for various makeup looks, ranging from precise eyeliner to a smudged, smoky effect.

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Volume and shine take center stage as the hero benefits of this season, particularly in Korea, accompanied by a fresh take on shades and colors to achieve the perfect intensity.
Korean brand Fwee introduces its 3D VOLUMING GLOSS, a volumizing gloss available in two intensity levels: 30% for a watercolor painting-like transparent color and 70% for a clear, vivid color, reminiscent of being coated with fruit syrup. This product offers a filler injection-like effect, resulting in wrinkle-free, perfect lips often seen on Instagram.
HEARTPERCENT DOTE ON MOOD TOP COAT LIP PLUMPER is a lip plumping and color-changing gloss that adds volume and alters the color when applied as a top coat. The first five shades offer light volume, glitter, and color. They also change the color from cool to warm or warm to cool, or tone down the color (as in the light black shade). The 06 Maximizer shade is transparent and provides an intense plumping effect.

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