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TikTok doc disrupting the beauty market

Wow Tiktok

Digital platforms shape trends and influence industries and TikTok has emerged as a significant force in the world of beauty and skincare. The platform’s unique blend of visual content and rapid dissemination has revolutionized how information is accessed and consumed, impacting everything from consumer habits to professional practices. This evolution goes beyond mere trends, signaling a deeper change in the beauty landscape, characterized by a shift towards more informed, transparent, and user-centered approaches. And we see not only a change in how knowledge is shared but also in how products are created and marketed by those at the forefront of dermatological science and aesthetic innovation.

From skintellectuals to skin experts

The rise of TikTok has transformed how beauty knowledge is shared and consumed. Initially dominated by young beauty enthusiasts known as ‘skintellectuals’, these individuals reviewed products and educated their peers through social media. Their popularity revealed a vast audience eager for expert beauty advice, setting the stage for professionals to enter the scene. Dermatologists and other skincare professionals recognized TikTok as an invaluable platform to reach a wider audience. It offered them a way to share their expertise in a more relaxed and engaging manner, quickly building a following and establishing their credibility. This shift not only democratized beauty knowledge but also blurred the lines between consumer and expert, fostering a new culture of informed skincare enthusiasts.

New brands for new expectations

The influence of TikTok has not only changed how information is shared but also how products are developed and marketed. Dermatologists with significant online followings have begun launching their own brands, leveraging their social media clout to reach potential customers directly. For instance, Dr. Shereene Idriss, with over 850,000 followers, introduced Dr. Idriss Skincare, while Dr. Muneeb Shah, boasting 18.1 million followers, launched Remedy Skincare. Unlike traditional doctor-founded brands like Dr. Brandt and Murad Skincare, which often maintain a formal and clinical tone, these new comers adopt a more accessible and relatable approach. They cater specifically to the digital-savvy TikTok audience, emphasizing transparency and authentic communication.

The emergence of plastic surgeon-founded brands

The landscape of doctor-founded beauty brands is witnessing another evolution with plastic surgeons at the helm. These professionals are introducing innovative products tailored for both pre- and post-procedural care, along with technologically advanced skincare solutions. Examples include brand Viktor Michael, launched by 2 seasoned clinical aesthetic professionals, which focuses on conscious, clinical-grade formulas that minimize recovery time. Their products feature a blend of enzymes, acids, and phytoactives that supports skin both pre and post-procedure, as well as for ongoing daily care.

The phenomenon of TikTok doctors is reshaping the beauty industry in profound ways. By democratizing skincare knowledge and making it entertaining, these professionals are challenging traditional marketing and brand development strategies. They’re also fostering a more informed consumer base that values transparency and efficacy over brand prestige alone.

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