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Beyond its borders, Beauty Goes 360


The notion of beauty, and more broadly the industry it spawns, is at a crucial moment of identity redefinition. Once seen simply as an aesthetic pursuit, beauty is now moving beyond this superficial dimension to take on a much deeper meaning, inviting itself into new spheres.

Today, when we speak of beauty, we no longer refer solely to cosmetics, but associate it with new territories such as health, mental health, longevity, vitality, lifestyle…

Towards a redefinition of beauty:

This redefinition of the industry towards a 360° approach can be explained by the quest for integral well-being, a ‘health-fication’ and a ‘Lifestylisation’ of beauty.

Indeed, beauty is no longer measured by appearances alone, but now through a systemic vision that includes the mental, emotional and social state of the individual, thus transcending conventional notions of beauty (Beauty Goes 360 study, NellyRodi 2024). Beauty brands are expanding their boundaries and influence, providing answers to essential needs such as sleeping well, eating well and feeling good about oneself…

Beauty is moving out of the bathroom to accompany consumers in their daily lives and meet their primary needs for the proper functioning of body and mind. Indeed, beauty brands are launching new products with an increasingly dominant wellness dimension: for example, the Sisley group’s Neuraé brand offers a new approach to beauty through the prism of neuroscience, with products that claim emotional and mental benefits. In the same vein, Charlotte Tilbury’s new fragrance collection draws on neuroscience to evoke a spectrum of emotions (joy, love…). These new launches illustrate the close association between beauty and the notion of “well-being” in a systemic approach.

Beyond this quest for well-being, beauty is becoming a veritable lifestyle, influencing consumer choices on a daily basis and encouraging an active commitment to personal and community well-being. For example, the virality of the #cleangirls hashtag and its billions of views is proof that beauty is becoming an aspirational movement, outlining a life ideal to be achieved.

Finally, beauty brands can no longer limit themselves to being mere ‘beauty product sellers’, but must become the spokesperson for a lifestyle in order to become and remain a desirable brand over time. The major challenge for brands is therefore to become increasingly lifestyle-oriented and embodied, with their own personality, enabling them to forge a real relationship with their customers and their community.

These developments, coupled with new consumer expectations, are redefining the role of brands. What’s more, according to a report by VML (2023), 79% of individuals surveyed said that the role of a brand has changed over the past five years, and 38% believe that the role of a brand should be to improve health & well-being.


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