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The Rise of Pro-Aging – Transforming The Narratives Around Age


Source de l’image : Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

The relation to aging is in deep metamorphosis, and the Beauty industry needs to adapt to this evolution. With Gen X and Boomers living longer, and looking to age gracefully, and the Gen Z undertaking preventive measures, like Botox, the “anti- aging” market is shifting toward a well-aging movement. The longevity narrative infuses all categories, from skincare to makeup, transforming the conversation around “anti-aging beauty” (a taboo word since 2017 in Allure USA magazine).

In its latest Inspiration Report: Beauty Protopia, Cosmetics Inspirations & Creation explores the trend for Pro-Aging Solutions and spotlights the demand for products that empower healthier (not younger) aging.

The tide is turning on anti-agism. From the success of ABC’s The Golden Bachelor (#TheGoldenBachelor hashtag has been viewed 148.4M times on TikTok – April 2024) to 88-year-old Dame Maggie Smith’s star turn in Loewe’s Spring 24 campaign, there is a groundswell of positive sentiment (and coolness) towards diverse age representations in fashion and media.

Aging Positively – The new cool mindset

Cultural momentum has been fuelled by TikTok, where a new wave of age-positive influencers, filters and viral challenges are helping to build a positive discourse around aging.

The #TurningMyMomInToMe TikTok trend (460.7M views – April 2024) joyfully sees Gen Z daughters dress like their mothers and vice-versa, while the Age Progression Filter shows users smiling as their face changes over 50 years. On TikTok, makeup for #matureskin (576.7M views – April 2024) is also gaining momentum, propelled by a new generation of “maturetokkers”, such as @collen_heidemann (383.6K followers – April 2024) who started her influencer journey at age 69.

These gestures are reinforcing #agepositivity (27.8M views on TikTok – April 2024) at a time when the world must learn to adjust to the needs of an aging population. By 2050, there will be 2.1 billion people aged 60 and over, and consumers are taking control now to ensure live better for longer. Most Americans (76%1) actively do things to maintain or improve their health, with 92% of consumers believing the best approach to healthy aging focuses on inside-out well-being.

This mindset shift creates an opportunity for brands to inspire consumers with solutions that support and enhance healthy aging, through every life stage.

Mature Skin Makeup

With a sharp rise in searches for mature makeup (+30.3% on Google in the USA2), brands are stepping up to cater to this demographic, especialll. Offering “skinified” formulas, they enhance luminosity and combat signs of aging with youth-boosting ingredients.

The age-positive beauty brand, Flyte.70 targets specifically the mature skin market

appropriate formulation that address specific issues of mature skin.

The brand opened a flagship store in October 2023 in Massachusetts, with not only their brand but also 14 other brands.

At the same time, we witness a growing number of beauty brands showcasing their products’ efficacy on mature skin, not only meeting consumer needs but also fostering inclusivity and authenticity. This strategic move not only boosts brand image but also sets new standards for beauty.

Here are some interesting examples from our inspiration basket from our last Makeup-Up report. The Haus Labs Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating + Depuffing Concealer (September 2023) is demonstrated on both young and mature models. It is powered with 20+ skincare ingredients including the brand’s patent-pending Fermented Arnica. Flexible pigments allow the concealer to adhere and adapt to the skin, making it comfortable for all skin ages.

Lifting and brightening results have become desired features of the healthy aging aesthetic, and will become important elements for brands to consider in their innovation. Like, Physician Formula Eye Booster Eye Lifter (October 2023) – a 2-in-1 eyeshadow that delivers an instant lift thanks to its Tri-Peptide blend.

Interest in Peptide-packed products that boost Collagen and Elastin while beautifying will continue to gain traction and become key to the “pro-aging” makeup kit. Reeson’s Lid Elixir (July 2023 – new brand) is a Peptide-rich tinted lifting serum developed for the eyelids. The brand positions itself as age-inclusive, its tagline, “Glow isn’t just for 20- somethings”, actively encourages older consumers to embrace their mature skin.

For more information on The Rise of Pro-Aging, and for details on how to obtain a copy of Beauty Protopia: Makeup or Skincare Inspiration from the US, find the Cosmetics IC team at the MakeUp in Paris Trends Space, May 29th & 30th 2024.

1 Ipsos – American affluents spending $200B on wellness annually – July 19, 2023
2 Spate Tool – US Google Search – from Apr 2023 to Mar 2024 vs. Apr 2022 to Mar 2023

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