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2024 May, 29 & 30

From 10am to 6pm - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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Brivaplast Group

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Brivaplast Group, make-up application expert, supplies the world leading beauty companies. Brivaplast develops and manufactures a wide range of containers for mascara, lip-gloss, eyeliner and eyebrow as well as applicators for each category. Customizing a product using different materials, decorations, and finishes is one of the company’s strenghts. An ongoing investment program supports Brivaplast innovation oriented policy to assist all specific customers’ developments. Brivaplast group has manufacturing units in Europe and China.

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Brivaplast Timsl Click

This is my second life! Click 'n Go

A patented opening system for mascara is now available in a sustainable PCR recycled material version.
This is my second life! Click ‘n Go mascara package is engineered for an easy and fast opening and closing system. Click, remove, use and click back; our patented system helps by lifting and closing the cap with a light pressure, simplifying the removal of the applicator for mascara application. Designed with a slight curve to the top of the cap, it easily accommodates the finger shape. We use recycled materials: PET-PCR for the vial and ABS PCR for the cap.
The Click ‘n Go mascara bottle is produced with 100% PET PCR which is recycled from water bottles. It provides a nice transparency and can be mixed with master batches to achieve an extensive range of colors. In addition, it is certified for food contact and its use allows for a 50% CO2 saving compared to virgin PET.
The cap is produced with 100% ABS PCR, which is recycled from electrical scrap or electrical equipment waste. The CO2 savings is as high as 90% compared to the virgin equivalent.
The innovation of our Click ‘n Go provides a new make-up gesture by improving upon the traditional opening and closing system with a new fast, fun and easy click system. It is an airtight closing system. By replacing the traditional two-handed screwing of a cap to a bottle with our one-handed “click system” for both opening and closing, we have created a fun, fast and easy new make-up gesture. It is also helpful for persons who have impaired physical disabilities.

Brivaplast Timsl

This is my second life! line by Brivaplast

Brivaplast have tackled the issue of sustainability from two different but complementary angles: from the standpoint of the business and of the product.
We’ve devoted just as much attention to materials as we have to the production process, selecting sustainable and post-consumer plastics that would allow us to minimize the use of virgin raw materials, while still ensuring our production processes are safe and the end product is of the highest quality.
We offer various sustainable materials that enrich our portfolio of eco-friendly solutions; PET-PCR, HDPE-PCR and a co-polyester with 30% PET PCR for the bottles, ABS-PCR and PP-PCR for the caps.

These materials mentioned have been added to augment the “This is my second life” collection, comprising mascara, lipgloss and eyebrow mascara packaging, decorated with freehand graphics inspired by the authenticity and genuineness of nature. The colorful made in Italy finish utilizes mainly RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS of WASTE PLANT ORIGIN. These represent up to 50% of the composition of the finish.