MakeUp in World

2024 May, 29 & 30

From 10am to 6pm - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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Higher Futures – The Transformative Impact Of A Science-Centric Approach To Beauty And Future Perspectives

Wednesday 29 May

A mindset rooted in science and focused on solutions is making waves in the beauty sector, embraced by consumers driven by tangible outcomes. Moving forward, the beauty landscape envisions hybrid innovations and experiences dedicated to optimizing daily performance. From clinical skincare to science-driven makeup, the next phase of beauty will be shaped by the realization of radical performance.

Leila Rochet, Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder, will share how science is evolving the beauty conversation and showcase the latest innovations to impact the industry from outside of the category. Supported by strategic insight, Leila will identify new territories for beauty innovation. Enora Le Roux, Scientific and Product Consultant, will decipher innovative beauty products that leverage scientific advancements and cutting-edge technologies in their development.

About Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation is an international innovation and forecasting consultancy agency, founded in Paris in 2007.

Combining critical insights, marketing intelligence, with a global perspective and diverse expertise, our agency drives progressive beauty innovation. Through inspiration seeds, market analysis, and strategic foresight, we empower leading brands to identify new pathways and achieve long-term growth. With our unique expertise across brand development, strategy, scientific storytelling and graphic design, we help our clients to anticipate the future of the beauty ecosystem, craft strategies, and navigate the innovation journey.

Enora Le Roux

Scientific and Product Consultant

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

Leila Rochet


Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation