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TJ Enterprise is a Taiwan-based cosmetics manufacturer that specializes in all series of makeup products : eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, bronzer, lip gloss, lipstick etc…

For over 40 years, TJ always believes that innovation and quality combined with short lead time and price advantage, They are the essentials to a competitive private label manufacturer.

TJ keeps focusing on :
Formula creation
Color matching
packaging sourcing
Automatic ,manufacturing process : bulk mixing, filling,pressing and final assembling.

TJ has provided OEM and ODM services to clients globally from over 50 countries across the EU, North, Latin America and Asia.

TJ owns 1 factory in Taiwan and 2 factories in Chi

wet powders

wet powders

• formula: vegan, 100% clean beauty
• innovative formula combination with specific custom design
• creamy texture with long lasting powder technology.
• the boldest glitter texture and shimmery effect with amazing adherence

liquid lip and cheek

liquid lip and cheek

vegan, 100% talc free formulation
color changing effect according to personal PH value
natural tinted look
long lasting makeup