MakeUp in World

18 & 19 September 2024

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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Exhibitors’ testimonials



After an excellent experience at MakeUp in New York last Fall, we are excited to make our debut at MakeUp in Los Angeles to showcase our newest skin health products and programs.

MakeUp in NewYork 2022


APC Packaging

I loved it ! The show was very successful, we had a lot of brand owners and indie brands, I’m very glad we had a lot of meetings and everybody showed-up, I think the organisation was really good, we are very happy.

MakeUp in NewYork 2022

Kolmar Logo


The show was really exciting and amazing! We had so many meetings, we were so busy, and we got to know so many people, so perfect for networking and to get to know like everyone in the industry! It was just perfect, thank you for the opportunity!

MakeUp in NewYork 2022


Cosmetic Group USA

The show was amazing, because we had good trafic around our booth.

MakeUp in NewYork 2022



Great exhibition, full of people, we saw a lot of smiles, so great experience! See you in LA!

MakeUp in NewYork 2022


Mana Products

We like the show, the show was great because we had the ability to actually meet with customers again, everybody was looking to come back from Covid and they were ready to shop and they were happy to be there. See you in LA!

MakeUp in NewYork 2022


APR Beauty

It was great! Lot of new comers, many projects in the pipeline, it was wonderful, we had about 35 meetings very well productive, people came very well prepared, it was great! See you in New York next year.

MakeUp in NewYork 2022



The show was very very good, very good turnout, it was good to see old friends again after all the years of people not getting out, very successful, we enjoyed the location and we enjoyed everything as far as the accoutumance, so it was an excellent, excellent show! See you next in New York and see you guys in LA!

MakeUp in NewYork 2022



We enjoyed this edition very much, finally see thing picking up again, couple of busy days, we were involved with quite number of brands, both days, so we’re happy with the turn out, we think we’ll probably increase it again next year and we are satisfied with the services. See you next year.

MakeUp in NewYork 2022



Lot of customers, everybody seems to be back on track and wanting to get into new products developpement, so it has been a wonderfull show!

MakeUp in NewYork 2022