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2024 May, 29 & 30

From 10am to 6pm - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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Interviewee of Ljiljana Avramovic, Founder Liliana Cosmetics

Liliana Cosmetics

Liliana Cosmetics will be hosting a visitor lounge at MakeUp in Paris.

Liliana Cosmetics is a young company, what led you to launch your brand?

I have two adult sons, two souls who accompany me in life. When one is given great tasks in life, it is up to us to grow from them. I used to think that since my skin is thin and sensitive, i was an exception. I can’t stand the general smells. Scars have adorned my leg for 15 years. My goal was to easily cover and maintmain. I could not find that on the market according to my requrements. This is how a wonderful product emerged from a woman with exceptions. The largest organ, our skin, can now be cared for naturally and royally.

Liliana’s meaning of the Logo

The logo represents a man’s shoulder on the left and a women’s silhouette on the right. The sign above the body comes from Asia and means ”people longing for perfection”. The circle is not closed.

You have developed an original concept, can you tell us what makes you unique ?

LILIANA rises from the bottom of the soul to inspire billions to fall in love and

celebrate their uniqueness. Inspired by a belief that every one of us is a perfect creation of nature with a fragment of miraculous, our concept coalesces two dimensions: plants and gold.

Developed in Switzerland, our original concept combines two approaches to craft superb cosmetics. We have developed a special formula that successfully fuses raw natural ingredients with 24k Gold petals. The art of combining precious ingredients has brought out the unique Liliana cosmetic line.

We firmly believe that the path to true happiness lies in accepting and loving yourself. Inspired by that, we have created an exceptional line of body makeup and cosmetics products that can help you conceal your imperfections and adorn your qualities by gilding yourself.

Originating in exceptional natural ingredients we present you with an original concept that combines botanical ingredients and superb luxury itself – gold.

What are you bringing to MakeUp in Paris?

Bodylotion, Body Make up Lotion three shades, Bodylotion 24 Carat Gold and my smile; ) 

What is the direction your company is taking when it comes to clean beauty?

All natural raw materials, monoï de tahiti, coconut oil, aloe vera and almond oil of the highest quality. Bodymake-up and the scent for sensitive skin and sense of smell

What are some fun innovations you’re working on at the moment?

I am looking at the colors of the packaging and would like to adjust them to my standards. When I’m done with this project and earn some money, I have 4 more projects I want to realize. There is a lot missing in the market.

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