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2025 June, 18 & 19

From 9am to 6pm - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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The Lab Atelier

Atelier Formulation

Create your own cosmetics at “The Lab Atelier”

Clean Emotional textures : Natural Pigments and Surprising Skin care.

Welcome to The Lab Atelier, the new pop-up laboratory hosted by our partner Luisa Oliva and her team at MakeUp in Paris, where the fusion of beauty and innovation knows no limits.

Ateliers are spaces where artisans bring their visions to life. In the cosmetics realm, formulation is an intricate dance between scientific precision and creative expression.”

At The Lab Atelier, we’re committed to pushing the envelope of cosmetic formulation. 

Our focus lies in crafting cosmetics with Clean Emotional Textures, utilizing Natural Ingredients, emollients, emulsifiers, pigments, gelling compounds, and explore Surprising Innovations.

You will explore the textures, feel the ingredients have a unique immersive experience on the heart of technics of tailor-made products.

Through 12 hands-on DIY sessions, immerse yourself in the art of cosmetic formulation and the allure of natural ingredients. Explore avant-garde techniques that define the future of beauty. Over two days, we’ll delve into four distinct formulas: foundation, cream-in-oil, 2-in-1 Blush and Eye products, and Power Serum.

In each 45-minute session, they will personally walk you through every step, ensuring you acquire practical skills and invaluable insights. Plus, take home your very own customized beauty product crafted under their expert guidance. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

Seats are limited, so stay tuned! Detailed schedules and online registrations are now available !

Morning Session Wednesday, May 29th

ShadeMatch Natural Highlighter
– Perfect shade match skin tone highlighter
– Luminous dewy finish
– Easy to blend and diffuse
– Vegan, cruelty free and organic

Shade Match Natural Glow Highlighter : 10.30  – 11.15
Shade Match Natural Glow Highlighter : 11.30 – 12.15
Shade Match Natural Glow Highlighter : 12.30 – 13.15

Photos Shade Match Natural Glow Highlighter

Afternoon Session Wednesday, May 29th

CloudSea Moisture Glow
Enrich with marine extract to hydrate and moisturized Skin
– Cloud like, softy and silky texture
– Leaves skin feeling dewy and hydrated
– Vegan, cruelty free and organic

CloudSea Moisture Cream Glow : 14.30  – 15.15
CloudSea Moisture Cream Glow  : 15.30 – 16.15
CloudSea Moisture Cream Glow  : 16.30 – 17.15

Cloudsea Moisture Cream Glow

Morning Session Thursday, May 30th

Blush and Eyeshadow VelvetGlaze
– 2 in 1 multi product for blush and eyeshadow
– Satin subtle glow finish
– Long wear and buildable formula
– universal shade match for every skintone
– Vegan, cruelty free and organic

Blush and Eyeshadow Velvet Gaze: 10.30  – 11.15
Blush and Eyeshadow Velvet Gaze: 11.30 – 12.15
Blush and Eyeshadow Velvet Gaze : 12.30 – 13.15

Blush And Eyeshadow Velvet Gaze

Afternoon Session Thursday, May 30th

Power Serum
– Power anti aging serum
– Leaves the skin looking youthfull and rehydrated
– Vegan, cruelty free and organic

Power Serum: 14.30  – 15.15
Power Serum: 15.30 – 16.15
Power Serum: 16.30 – 17.15

Power Serum

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About Luisa Oliva :

Luisa Oliva

Our partner Luisa Oliva is a formulation designer with a global innovation footprint and a track record of best-selling formulations.

Luisa Oliva Consulting is driven by creativity and innovation. Their team offers formulation consulting services and training to create high-end and innovative formulas for international beauty brands, raw material suppliers, and manufacturers. They develop formulations tailor-made to specific needs and enhanced by their understanding of different beauty markets and the global industry. They combine their deep expertise and experiences, using creative thinking and a forward-thinking mindset and focusing on innovation to push boundaries in the industry.