MakeUp in World

18 & 19 September 2024

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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Futurephoria – How Science is Transforming the Vision of Beauty and Propelling Trust

Wednesday 20 September
2:30 pm

Trust in science is at an all-time high, and is occurring at the same time as rapid technological advancements. This creates the perfect storm for radical innovation, as consumers lean into STEM-based solutions to their beauty needs. Proven efficacy is critical to these progress pioneers who approach beauty from a position of logic and in pursuit of perfection.

Leila will share how the Science Era is evolving, showcasing some of the latest innovations in this field –
from vertical farming to high-tech formulations. Leïla will introduce the latest insights from emerging
categories and propose new territories for innovation. Sarah will present the latest analysis from Mintel’s
consumer research, sales data and market information, with a special focus on the latest international
changes in the beauty market.

This will be followed by a discussion with Lindsay Azpitarte – Founder of Ulé – a new skincare brand powered by vertical farming. 

Lindsay Azpitarte


Ulé Beauty/Shiseido Group

Sarah Jindal

Senior Director


Leila Rochet

Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation