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2024 May, 29 & 30

From 10am to 6pm - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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MakeUp in Paris Ambassador Announcement : Aïmara COUPET


When we searched for an ambassador for MakeUp in Paris, we looked for someone who possesses extensive industry expertise or having in-depth knowledge of the current challenges faced by beauty brands, or convinced by the added value of MakeUp in Paris. Aïmara embodies all these qualities and more, serving as the face of the show for 2023 and offering her ideas and expertise to create a successful edition that meets supplier and brand expectations. She will also help us building the conferences program, preside over the Innovation Award, and serve as a mentor and example for her expert knowledge of the profession. Aïmara’s passion and dedication will make her an invaluable asset in co-creating a successful edition.

Aïmara COUPET, an expert and passionate personality as MakeUp in™ likes them, will be this year the ambassador of MakeUp in Paris.

Founder of the healthy make-up brand Be+Radiance, Aïmara COUPET has a passion for beauty. After starting her career in make-up development at L’Oréal and then for the Sephora brand, it is within the Black Up brand that she was able to enrich her expertise in color, complexion and inclusive beauty by working on make-up for “melanine rich” skins – she who, as a mestizo, the daughter of a Martinican mother, has witnessed since childhood the problems of make-up for dark skins. With a 360° vision acquired over more than twenty years, Aïmara humorously defines herself as a “Swiss Army knife” of beauty: ingredients, packaging, make-up formulas, skincare, she knows all the fields of beauty. And she is even working on new areas of expertise, as she demonstrates through her brand Be+Radiance.

MUP: Can you tell us about the work you’ve done on your Be+Radiance makeup brand, which goes beyond color, and even beyond makeup?

AC: “In 2018, I met a doctor in biology who had developed micro-encapsulation of active probiotics, he had convincing results on eczema. I was thinking about developing powders, to which we managed to integrate these micro-encapsulated active probiotics. So, we launched the powder and the blush, then the oil. Our customers were telling us “my skin has changed”. We clinically tested the products last year to get tangible results. We got a very significant result on the acidophilus of the skin, which is increasing, demonstrating the improvement of the skin of people in dysbiosis.”

MUP: How does this work impact your vision of the beauty of tomorrow?

AC: “I want to work on a make-up range with this twist that goes towards skincare, and this approach to microbiota that is increasingly important. We’ll be less focused on “aggressive” active ingredients, we’ll work on the ground, looking for a balance. With the Be+Radiance brand, we have gone very far in this vision, and this is what I would like to see blossom on the market, in a “multi-racial native” approach a bit like me, a mixed approach that takes into consideration the real needs of each person from the start, in R&D, in the search for the adequacy of the makeup and the results with the different skins.”

MUP: As a makeup designer, what do you think of the mix of skincare and makeup that is now offered at MakeUp in shows?

AC: “The arrival of skincare is totally logical, skincare is part of makeup to a certain extent, the border between the two has become thinner. The advantage of a show like MakeUp in™ is that it first responded to a need for makeup with a proposal that did not exist; brands today often do both skincare and makeup, it is a logical continuation to have a place like MakeUp in™ where we can focus on these two axes.”

MUP: You will be the ambassador of MakeUp in Paris this year, what do the MakeUp in shows mean to you?

AC: “I think I was one of the very first visitors of the show! I met a lot of nice people there, because it’s a show where you get close to the manufacturers, which is amazing and unique, and it’s intimate. People come here to get a real vision, real answers. The trends, which offer insightful mappings of what’s happening in the markets, as well as the speakers, are among the show’s strengths. There is also the treatment of hot topics, especially on packaging, increasingly restricted materials, the disparity between countries. Finally, the whole innovation part is very interesting.”

MUP: You will indeed be involved in the IT Awards?

AC: “I can’t wait, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time!

I’m passionate about innovation, and if I could go and visit every exhibitor to see all the innovations, I would be the happiest, a bit like visiting a candy store! This year I will be participating with the jury in the selection, and I will have the honor of awarding the winners.”

MUP: How do you see this role of ambassador at MakeUp in Paris?

AC: “I first came to the show as a brand, then I was a speaker at MakeUp in Paris and MakeUp in New York, on the subject of the suitability of makeup products for black and mixed-race skin. My 360° experience makes me someone who knows all aspects of the business: having been a consultant for Indian brands, I have learned to work on all the different elements of the mix, whether it is ingredients, packaging, makeup or skincare formula. I am a facilitator of exchanges.

My role as an ambassador is to actively participate in nourishing everything that can be done at this show, to help the team, I’m happy to be able to get involved and try to give a maximum of energy and ideas.

I will also give a conference where we will talk about science and research and development for more diversity and inclusiveness in the cosmetics industry.

To take a step back from our activity, there is no better place than a show.

There is joie de vivre that exists when people meet!

It’s a show that I love and that I want to see endure, grow and continue to develop, and I’m happy to contribute to it.”