MakeUp in World

2024 May, 29 & 30

From 10am to 6pm - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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From Beauty to Mental Wellness: Exploring the Intersection of Makeup and Skincare with Psycho-Beauty

Psycho Beauty

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, there’s a growing focus on the emotional connection between consumers and their beauty products.

Encompassing mindful beauty practices, personalized experiences, innovative sensorial textures and tech-enabled innovations, all designed to promote mental wellness and improve the overall consumer experience.

Explore this topic and more at MakeUp in Paris, and size the opportunity to learn from industry experts about the latest developments in Psycho-Beauty and how to position your brand within this rapidly growing segment.

Topics such as mental health awareness, self-care, and taking a holistic approach to beauty, will also be discussed, highlighting the importance of building a strong emotional connection with consumers and delivering truly transformative beauty experiences.

3 conferences to explore “Psycho-beauty”


Mastering the extremes: ultra shine versus ultra matte

14 June 2023 – 11:30am – 12:15pm

Lacquered, metallic, iridescent brilliance, vibrant colors.
Why have they become essential? Until just a few years ago, matte finishes followed shine and we would rewind the film to start the cycle in reverse… Does this near-permanent desire for brilliance have a deeper explanation: Has our new relationship with image and color been altered by digital media? Are the screens’ brilliance training our eyes to a certain degree of light? Will the trend towards extreme matte succeed through saturation?
New technical advances in the durability of matte makeup and paint seem to be moving in this direction.

Claude Vuillermet – Colorprescription
Sabine Le Chatelier – Colorprescription
Florent Paudeleux – Colorprescription


The Asia Cosme Lab Show

14 June 2023 – 12:30pm – 1:15pm

Hosted by Florence Bernardin and her team.
Presenting the latest makeup trends in Asia : product concepts, new textures, finishes & looks , hit shades , tools & beauty hacks… From China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia & India An exciting conversation with 5 Asian Beauty experts.

Florence Bernardin – Asia Cosme Lab
With 5 Asian Beauty experts


Fast track to Aesthetics – What’s next in aesthetics medicine to inspire your upcoming beauty launches?

14 June 2023 – 1:30pm – 2:15pm

Micro-procedures (injectables, lasers etc.) are becoming a standard practice extension of the beauty routine. As a beauty brand – how can you surf along the explosion of beauty services and cosmetic procedures? The new beauty approach is not to compete with aesthetic medicine but to partner with it. The new makeup and skincare to optimise, to prolong and beautify micro-procedures are what we will discuss:
1- New Faces & Buzzwords: the key looks stemming from micro-procedures (the new plumping looks, the snatched face etc. )
2 – The latest beauty Innovations to magnify a retouched face

Annie Meg Johnstone – In Trend