MakeUp in World

2024 May, 29 & 30

From 10am to 6pm - Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

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The ultimate destination for Beauty Trends: MakeUp in Paris!

Trends Agencies

Biotech, regenerative medicine, transhumanism, longevity, neuroscience, generative AI, pleasure, hedonism, emotional health, frugality, individual well-being, augmented beauty, asian hit shades, inclusivity… These are just a few examples of the diverse and cutting-edge topics that are shaping the beauty industry today.

MakeUp in Paris is committed to showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the industry, and our TRENDS AREA is the perfect place to explore them.

We’re proud to be the only show featuring such a comprehensive lineup of trends agencies, all under one roof.

From cutting-edge technologies to new beauty standards, our team has curated an exceptional selection of speakers and workshops to help you discover what’s next in the beauty industry.

An exclusive lineup of 12 top-notch agencies dedicated to unlock beauty trends, share strategic insights, and inspire groundbreaking ideas.
With their unparalleled expertise in trend forecasting, consulting, social intelligence, branding, design, and more, our new edition promises to be an invaluable opportunity for your business.


Latest makeup trends in Asia!


Singular beauty: from inclusivity to individuality


Glossy, metallic, iridescent, vibrant colors, why have they become essential?


Eco-Collectivism, Artphoria, The Optimized Self, Future Architects


Studying the role of AI for the creative professions: the case of the cosmetics industry


5 Key Trends Shaping the Beauty Industry and Empowering Brands for Success.


Top cosmetics and skincare trends


What’s Next in Aesthetic Medicine to Inspire your Upcoming Beauty Launches?

L'observatoire beauté

Mission Longevity, beauty at the frontiers of transhumanism


Unfolding Gen Z Beauty


New expressions of well-being and changes in the way beauty is viewed


How Biohacking is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry?