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2025 February, 12 & 13

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iM1NE,Global No.1 Sheet Mask ODM Company, provides integrated ODM solutions based on scientific marketing such as product technology innovation capabilities and analysis on social big data.

As the global No. 1 mask ODM company,iM1NE’s core technology lies in developing and matching differentiated fabrics and optimized essences in our sheet masks.
For iM1NE’s Hydrogel Mask, common essence is processed into gel form to prevent rapid evaporation of skin active ingredients and moisture, so the absorption rate of active substances and the ability to retain moisture are increased to deliver a fresh and deep feeling of moisture.

Hologram Acne Patch

Hologram Acne Patch

Cover and care for the troubles you want to hide, from redness to mood-based point patches, protecting them too!
The opaque patch covers the healing process and adds a touch of style for a mood shift!

Custard Cleansing Oil Gel

Custard Cleansing Oil Gel

Multi-cleansing Oil Gel for Pores and Thorough Cleansing In One Step
Triple Multi-Cleansing
1. Blackheads: Melt away with Sunflower Oil
2. Dead Skin Cells: Exfoliate with Pomegranate Seed Powder
3. Impurities: Absorb with Clay Powder

Moist and Creamy Custard Texture that Gently Melts
Soft custard cream texture & Adheres closely to the skin and rolls smoothly
Rapid Transitions from soft custard gel to Watery oil, Providing Immediate Cleansing of Impurities