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18 & 19 September 2024

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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Mintel and Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

Industry's Top Luminaries

Prepare to be inspired by some of the industry’s top luminaries, including Mintel, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation, and Estee Lauder… as they delve into the exciting future of technology in the beauty sector on Wednesday, September 20th! Join us as we eagerly introduce you to the captivating conference sessions at MakeUp in NewYork, where an exceptional lineup of speakers awaits to enrich your knowledge. These sessions will take place on both days of the show.

Beauty brands, often celebrated for their creative artistry and transformative products, are now venturing into uncharted territories within technological advancements. It is a captivating era where the beauty and cosmetics industry is boldly investing in STEM initiatives to unlock a new wave of innovation and transcend the boundaries of what was once thought possible.

At the forefront of this captivating movement, beauty brands are actively cultivating technical expertise and delving into scientific research, embracing the synergistic potential of beauty and science. From new formulations and advanced skincare technologies to sustainable packaging and revolutionary manufacturing processes, the potential to revolutionize the beauty and cosmetics industry seems boundless.

Session: Futurephoria – How Science is Transforming the Vision of Beauty and Propelling Trust.

Sarah Jindal; Senior Director at Mintel

Leila Rochet; Founder of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

Trust in science is at an all-time high, and is occurring at the same time as rapid technological advancements. This creates the perfect storm for radical innovation, as consumers lean into STEM-based solutions to their beauty needs. Proven efficacy is critical to these progress pioneers who approach beauty from a position of logic and in pursuit of perfection.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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