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Product design as a key success factor

De Baschmakoff

According to FEBEA, no less than 170 cosmetic brands are created in France every year. So imagine the staggering figures if we add even just China and South Korea. With a global market expected to be worth $863 billion in 2024 (Zion Market Research), few sectors can boast such a competitive offer as the beauty industry. It is enough to give you a real headache.

Standing out in such a crowded and mature marketplace requires significant investments and can be challenging. In this way, product design is a key success factor, both for global leaders and Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs), in order to find a special place in consumers’ minds.

An iconic product serves as a brand’s passport. Simultaneously, it becomes an extension of our own identity when we purchase it. The product is an interpretation of the brand’s universe. Its purpose is not only aesthetic, emotional or symbolic but may also involve functional or material innovations. For example, the success of Marie Dalgar’s Knight Little Gold lipstick and the brand MAC can be attributed, inter alia, to their unique design which sets them apart from the countless other existing makeup products.

In reality, a product is not just about appearance or function: it offers a new perspective on the world. Cosmetics is a market in full transition. With the imminent arrival of Eco Beauty Score on packaging, there’s no doubt that product design will become a strategic lever in the early stages of creation. The role of the designer has always been to create avant-garde products in line with the times, by respecting the new environmental, societal and behavioural constraints. Product design is the future of Man.

De Baschmakoff


De Baschmakoff is a branding and design agency specializing in luxury and beauty sectors. Founded in 1985 in France, we are a multi-skilled workshop, an idea laboratory, and a producer of concepts and strategies. We collaborate with brands from all over the world, from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Our philosophy is focused on marketing tools and product innovation with an original and unique approach. With 35 years of experience in creative design, we tackle all the aspects that constitute each facet of a brand. This particularity, inherited from our mastery of detail, makes our signature a true brand.