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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Can Revolutionary Packaging Design Solve Complex Social Issues?

Tuesday 14 February
1:00 pm

Join us for a powerful keynote where we reimagine a society where product and packing innovation drives the future of philanthropy and social change. Joy will shine a spotlight on the creative spirit and resilience of Gen Z & Millennials, emphasizing their demand for social impact with every purchase. Weaving in her personal experiences, Joy shares her journey of revolutionizing the cosmetics industry through her relentless fight against sexual and domestic violence. With moments of vulnerability and courage, Joy illustrates the transformative power of bold actions in addressing pervasive issues. Her aim is to inspire others to step outside of their comfort and facilitate cultures that applaud and support innovation, specifically when confronting sensitive and complex social challenges. Joy’s message serves as a rallying cry for all to recognize the urgency of our times and the pivotal role that packaging will play in reshaping our collective future.

Joy Hoover

Inventor, Founder, & CEO