MakeUp in World

18 & 19 September 2024

From 9am to 5pm - Javits Center

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MakeUp in NewYork is back next September at the Javits Center!

2021 03 01

NYC is once more offering us the best example of resilience and count on us to be part of the game with a significant number of exhibitors already confirmed such as: Faber Castell Cosmetics, Allta International, Brivaplast, Cosmetic Group, Asquan, Regi, Libo Cosmetics, Mana Products, Intercosmetic Asia Pacific, Nuco, Wista, SIMP, Pum-Tech, Ancorotti, Lumson, B. Kolormakeup & Skincare, Derik Industrial, Taiki USA, APR Beauty Group, R&D Color, HNB Corp., Pharmacos, Cosmei, MPlus, OPAC, Saidevi, S&J International Enterprises, Max Sauer, Itit Cosmetics, Imei Division, Ponzini SPA, Pibiplast, APC Packaging, Chiang Pao, Coswel Korea… to name a few (More on:

Meanwhile, enjoy the reading of the new trend specially brainstormed for you by Fashion Snoops.

Mood Enhancing

Mood enhancing products continue to rise in popularity as consumers want easy pick-me-ups that elevate their emotions and bring joy into their lives during stressful times. Mood boosting, mood match, and mood expression become energizing themes for makeup and skincare launches, giving consumers the opportunity to express themselves through beauty with vibrant colors and playful products.

Tactile textures enhance this trend, with formats the help consumers reconnect with the slimy, Play-Do, and craft paste sensations from their childhood. Answering consumers’ need for sensorial stimulation, jiggly new options in fluffy, soft dough textures delight the senses: Otzi’s dough texture mask offers squishy fun, while thick paste formulas like Inn Beauty Project’s Pimple Paste invite exploration. Slime is especially big here, with a gooey, drippy, and malleable texture, popping up in a variety of playful products, like TikTok-favorite brand Eliza Vecca’s Memory Slime Mask. New products that mimic childhood favorites and inspire experimentation also appeal, like colorful makeup crayons and chalk textures, seen in Milk’s Makeup Color Chalk, or Holika Holika’s Jelly Dough blusher.

We also see nostalgia continuing to be a powerful force in beauty, as brands answer the consumer need for the familiar comforts, fun memories, and throwback happiness of their collective youth. Limited-edition makeup collections that pay homage to classic TV shows and movies generate buzz, with a 90s/00s aesthetic that celebrates iconic colors, graphics, and shapes from cultural touch points like cassette tapes, cartoons, and toys. From Colourpop’s Lizzie McGuire collab and Morphe’s Lisa Frank collection to Taste Beauty’s Rugrats range and Spectrum Collection’s Alice in Wonderland brush set, these nostalgic themes create an emotional connection with consumers.

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