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Floral Wonderland : When Makeup embraces a garden-inspired mood !

2021 04 01

During this period of confinement, the garden seems more than ever an EDEN. From the fresh complexion of the rose, to the delicate dewdrops, its fragrances, colors and shapes have always been a source of creation in the beauty industry. For Fashion Snoops, our MakeUp in New York partner, the garden is the first inspiration source for the industry and its consumer, not only for beauty but also for well-being.

Makeup embraces a garden-inspired mood, speaking to the consumer desire for escapist, thematic products that transport them to a floral paradise. Hobbies like gardening, flower arranging, and foraging all trended during the pandemic, leading to the booming cottagecore aesthetic. As society slowly returns to normal, consumers are still eager for flower-infused, immersive products with beautiful packaging, botanical extracts, and bouquet textures.

The slow flower movement is also a factor here, as floral ingredients become popular additions to cosmetic products for their soothing, skin-softening benefits. Origin’s Pretty in Bloom foundation, for example, features a 12 flower ingredient blend, while Dear Dahlia adds calming dahlia flower extract to their full range of eye, face, and lip products. Flowers are even reaching mascara, with Ecco Bella’s FlowerColor Natural Mascara, which features flower cutins to form a protective, moisturizing coating on lashes.

Lastly, the beautiful bounty of gardens provides ample inspiration for packaging and products. K-Beauty brand FORENCOS debuted its Garden Wonderland makeup collection, which adds a touch of whimsy alongside traditional floral motifs, while Dasique’s Flower Book palette draws inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian flower reference books. Taking the floral immersion literally, LABIOTTE’s Flomance Lip Color is packaged like a perfect pink tulip, with a lip color that evokes smooth petal textures.

Credit: Melissa Hago & Mallory Hurton

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