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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Reducing Beauty Packaging Waste: the real story behind collecting hard-to-recycle beauty material and designing better packaging from the start

Wednesday 15 February
12:00 pm

An estimated 120B beauty packaging units are produced every year and majority are ending up in the landfill. Retailers are working to change this through specialty packaging collection programs. But what really goes into running these programs? How can these programs help inform the supply chain to design more sustainable packaging? Hear companies like Sephora talk about their collection programs through Pact Collective and how they are working pre-competitively to reduce personal care packaging waste and help make packaging more sustainable across the industry.

Carly Snider

Program Director


Desta Raines

Director of Sustainability


Alexandra Lanphier

Senior Manager of Sustainability


Boma Brown-West

VP of Sustainability & Impact

Credo Beauty