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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Robyn Melissa Watkins

Robyn Watkins

Holistic Beauty Group

Founder & Head of Product Development

Robyn Melissa Watkins is an award-winning product developer and founder of Holistic
Beauty Group. Somewhat of a beauty anthropologist, her visionary approach to product
development merges cutting-edge technology, healing modalities and strategic depth to
create products that align to missions. She has thoughtfully coined this approach as
mission-aligned product development, shifting the culture of beauty.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Watkins has demonstrated exceptional leadership
at industry giants Estee Lauder and Arbonne, where she spearheaded global product
development in all categories of beauty, lifestyle, and ingredient policy development.
At Holistic Beauty Group, Watkins and her team of product developers, strategists and
scientists are dedicated to developing culturally resonating products and formulations
that represent the modern era of beauty, sparking dialogues and empowering new
voices within the beauty space. In recent years, Robyn and her team launched products
at the intersection of beauty and psychodermatology, helping to define a new category
of beauty supporting the mind-body axis. Noteworthy clients include high profile
celebrities, Versed, Pattern, Rizos Curls, Selfmade, and Bread Beauty Supply.

Robyn has illuminated a path and left the door open for many to follow, paying it
forward by mentoring a long list of successful product developers along her journey.
Robyn’s visionary approach to beauty and wellness has gained significant recognition,
with features in major media outlets such as Essence Magazine, Byrdie, Beauty
Independent, and Well + Good Magazine.

Wednesday 15 February - 1:00 pm

Inside the Brain-Skin Axis