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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Xin Shui

Xin Shui



Xin Shui, is a visionary Founder and CEO of Filterbaby, the pioneering dermatologist-approved water filtration device for skincare. With a rich background as a third-generation healthcare practitioner, Xin’s holistic approach aligns with Traditional Chinese Medicine, addressing root causes with natural remedies. Unveiling a groundbreaking correlation between tap water quality and skin health three years ago, Xin’s keen observation led to Filterbaby, a million-dollar brand transforming lives. Having treated over 10,000 patients, Xin seamlessly transitions from healer to transformative entrepreneur, merging ancient wisdom with contemporary insights. Join Xin on stage for an inspiring journey, embodying the fusion of tradition and entrepreneurial vision for a healthier future.