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US Skincare and Makeup trends

SPF-Infused Cosmetics & Skincare 

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The market for suncare products has grown exponentially in recent years. The main reason? Product innovations that turn sunscreens into fun and original luxury products.

Sun care has grown exponentially as a market over the last few years, as new product innovations transform sunscreen into something luxe, fun, and fresh. We’ve seen several shifts within this market as it’s continued to grow, from consumer education about proper sun care use, to DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusivity) minded sunscreens that adapt and cater to all skin tones, to the continued focus on sustainable, reef-safe formulations.

A fusion of suncare and skincare products

A key shift we’re seeing within suncare now is an overall fusion between suncare, skincare, and color cosmetics, as we’re tracking a surge in suncare serums, makeup-compatible suncare, and SPF-infused color cosmetics. We’re seeing this shift due to consumers who are increasingly looking to infuse every aspect of their routines, as they want to ensure that their skin is optimally protected from the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, due to better formulations and ingredients, we’re seeing suncare options that work seamlessly with makeup. 

Suncare serums have become a trending category in and of themselves, as we see lightweight, potent serums infused with SPF protection that protect skin while infusing it with potent benefits. Acnemy’s unique ZITCONTROL SPF50®, for example, is an acne-treating serum and SPF in one, with a non-comedogenic, light texture rich in acne-fighting ingredients, along with a high level of SPF to protect acneic skin from sun damage.

Moisturising sun serums

We also see moisturizing and brightening sun serum examples from brands like Bloomeffects, who recently released their tulip-infused Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum, or R&R’s Sun Serum that’s formulated with brightening niacinamides. Vitamin C also continues to be a popular ingredient in sunscreen serums, as this antioxidant boosts the effectiveness of suncare products and helps to even skin tone, seen in Hello Sunday’s Face Drops sunscreen serum and Solara’s upcoming Fortune Teller Brightening Sunscreen Serum.

In addition, makeup-compatible SPF has also grown as a category, speaking to the consumer need for suncare options that both work well under makeup as a primer, and also setting or SPF-refreshing sprays that don’t disturb makeup underneath.

Make-up products with SPF protection

We see whole brands emerge from this concept, like Australian-based brand Naked Sundays that features products like a SPF50+ Collagen Glow Mineral Perfecting Priming Lotion, which evens skin tone and perfectly sets skin for makeup, along with a SPF Hydrating Glow Mist Top Up Spray that refreshes SPF coverage without affecting makeup. Brand Quick Beauty also highlights this concept, with their SPF Prep and Set bundle, which features their Quick Screen Prep 50+ Moisturizer with Blue Light Defense and Quick Screen Set 50+ Finishing Spray with Blue Light Defense, and the two hydrating, fast-absorbing products work to both prime skin for makeup and finish makeup looks with SPF protection. Meanwhile, Japanese brand Canmake recently debuted a green-tinted version of their popular Mermaid Gel sunscreen, which helps to subtly reduce skin redness. 

Lastly, we’re seeing more color cosmetic products infused with SPF, as consumers become increasingly educated about the amount of SPF necessary to benefit from UVA/UVB coverage, driving them to seek out products for every step of their routine that offers some level of protection. Recent foundation launches by luxury brands like Dior, Armani Beauty, and Christian Louboutin all added SPF coverage to their products, with Hermes’ Plein Air Complexion Balm also adding SPF 30 to their tinted, hydrating foundation launch. Gently-tinted, sheer coverage SPF products also remain popular for summer, seen in Ilia Beauty’s C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40, which is a lightly tinted, vitamin-C infused skintone brightening base, or Happy Skin’s Cooling Serum Foundation SPF 15, which features a watery, blendable tin with skin-cooling actives to soothe sun irritation. 

As the skinification movement continues across categories, we expect consumers to increasingly seek out SPF products with skin-boosting benefits that maximize efficiency while still delivering an elevated application experience. Especially considering the importance of proper SPF use to benefit from its protective coverage, SPF textures will be key going forward, with sensorial, indulgent, skin-soothing options critical for adoption of consistent SPF use.

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