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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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MakeUp in LosAngeles: They have something to tell you…

MakeUp in LosAngeles 2019

This is not a drill! MakeUp in LosAngeles is next week!

And to help you survive this not-so-long wait, we asked our exhibitors what new products they were planning to reveal during the show and let’s just say… It’s going to be amazingly colorful!
Have a look at some of their projects geared to the West coast that will leave you wanting more!

Here is the 1st episode of « Hear it from the pros » for MakeUp in LosAngeles !


This year, Anjac Health & Beauty is presenting during MakeUp in LosAngeles different new products around 2 main themes that combine consumer lifestyle & performance:

Clean Beauty & Nomadic Care: new beauty masks made of biodegradable & compostable sheets but also natural & organic cosmos formula. Hydration, Well Ageing, Detox…all about radiance !

Sensoriality & Efficiency in Color : « Crystal » is a new powder technology offering an amazing sensoriality when touching the speckled Crystal  formula : Sublimate your complexion and eye expression in a minute. You’ve got the glow; you’ve got the glass-skin.

Discover our vinyl high covering Lipstick, the glow is going to be on all lips!

We offer as well products that are Clean meaning minimalist, natural, non-toxic, still very performing as Clean Beauty also means efficiency & sensoriality for us, which are 2 big challenges. We also include organic cosmos formula into our innovations so that brands can offer the best to the consumers.

Are we open to do business with indie beauty brands ? Sure! We love Indie Brands, we serve Indies brands since many years and help them in their fast development. Expertise, agility, scalability are at the heart of our servives to them.

Anjac Health & Beauty is located in Los Angeles with Cosmetix West and we also export out of France since few years. We already partner with skincare & color cosmetics brands, many Indies but also legacy ones. Today, we plan to export new technologies and expertise on our Californian facility to complete our offering and be local. Proximity and sustainable supplychain are strategic for us.


We are presenting at MakeUp in LosAngeles our “best of”. The collection called “You’re the Best” is expressly designed to meet the needs of the fast-moving Indie brands that are thriving especially on the West Coast. These brands want innovation but at the same time they need to be fast to market and therefore privilege ready to go products. They also prioritize transparency and sustainability therefore all products of the collection will be clean, vegan, highly natural and RSPO compliant.

Doing business with indie brands is the objective of our participation to the show. We are already partnering with some of them and therefore know very well they need flexibility. We have standard MOQs but we are ready to make exceptions to bet on brands with great potentials.

On the US West Coast we see an incredibly huge potential. In color cosmetics independent brands account for around 10% of the market but are growing four times faster than their legacy competitors. And it is well-known that the highest concentration of indie brands is exactly on the West Coast.

We expect to consolidate our presence and relationship with the US brands of this area and and to get in contact with the ones we still do not serve. With our focus on R&D, innovation and first to market, and being the creators of famous blockbuster products, we would like to promote our company as the ideal partner for indie brands looking for reliable innovation.


The always increasing attention to a more natural make up, inspired us to develop a complete natural line which will be presented during MakeUp in LosAngeles. Furthermore, since our R&D department is always alligned with the new trends the collection will be completed with active ingredients like CBD or derived from plants and fruits. The development of fashionable colors will always be our commitment to inform our customers on next seasons’ trends.

We are now approaching to the skincare starting from lips products, which are our core business ; we already developed a line for lip care and we are now starting with cleaning products and to mix skincare to make up, in order to give to the customer ever more performing products.

Do we take small orders ? We are really flexible and we like to work with indie brands since they are more projected on innovative developments and this is what we aim to do.

On the West Cost there are a lot of important brands and we hope to expand our business, especially we would like to increase our vibility since we are a young and dynamic company in continuous evolution with many ideas and innovative developments.


With NATURE@HEART, we are presenting natural cosmetics at its highest levelFrom formula to packaging, the collection is good for the skin and good for the soul. The carefully designed formulas are all based on natural and vegan ingredients, some of them also minimalistic, using half of the ingredients usually needed. They are rich in pigments and gentle to the skin as they are enriched with regenerating and hydrating natural oils like CBD, hemp seed or wild watermelon. The bio-based packaging is made from PEFC™-certified, sustainable wood with plant-based plastic caps. A mindfully created collection for skintelligent beauty lovers.

As private label manufacturer of cosmetic pencils, we produce state-of-the-art products that can be tailored to the individual customer’s requirements. With pure & pure² beauty, we offer our customers a range of clean, vegan & natural textures formulated without controversial ingredients carefully designed by our highly skilled R&D-team.

With our Privil’age-collection, we offer colour cosmetic pencils enriched with carefully selected ingredients that make our products a pleasure to apply and with an extraordinary mix of active natural oils, hydrating and regenerating ingredients and special powders perfectly designed for the sensitive skin of the eyes, lips and face. The perfect collection for women who want to feel good about looking good.

We are also definitely open and willing to do business with indie brands. We have supported many of them over the last years, contributing to their success through an outstanding service, and counseling and innovative products. We are looking forward to meeting them in LA.

The incredible dynamics of the US beauty market are most prevalent on the west coast with the rise of Indies, celeb and influencer brands. Many of these brands get to the core of the millenials’ wishes and desires – purpose, sustainability, digitalisation, and innovation. This is where we see huge potential for us as a manufacturer rooted in innovation and sustainability and ready to service this new clientele as well as our already existing customer portfolio.


KDC/ONE’s Makeup in LosAngeles collection – The Beauty Experience – features over 50 disruptive innovation products across all categories, including makeup, skincare and haircare.  One of this year’s highlights includes a Sensory Bar that showcases our most experiential and exciting formulas and textures for complexion, eyes, lips, skin and hair.

Skincare as well continues to be a key area of focus within our new innovation pipeline. We see tremendous opportunity to offer our brand partners a full range of core and specialized capabilities within the KDC/ONE global network.  The Makeup in LosAngeles collection for 2020 includes disruptive and breakthrough innovation in Clean Beauty, Reef Safe Suncare, CBD and Hybrid Color/Skincare formulas.

Are we open to do business with indie beauty brands? Absolutely.  It has been so exciting to see how indie brands have transformed the beauty industry and we are thrilled to continue to partner with both indie and legacy brands to grow their businesses. 

We also have a long-standing connection to the west coast with two custom-formulating, full-service manufacturing facilities- KDC/ONE Thibiant and KDC/ONE Thibiant Naturals.  With the recent acquisition of Benchmark Cosmetic Labs, we hope to further develop our presence and partnerships with new and existing west coast brands.