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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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The skin care pros will see you next week at MakeUp in LosAngeles!

MakeUp in LosAngeles 2019

Always attentive to the market, new trends and consumer needs, MakeUp in LosAngeles will present you during the show a selection of manufacturers specialized in makeup and skin care products.


« We offer several skincare sampling solutions. In terms of innovation, we offer solutions that allow mixing of two separate formulas immediately prior to application. Sampling skincare products that isolate concentrated actives and offer a freshly combined, precise dose at the time of use can seem like a difficult task. However, with Arcade Beauty’s Fusion Pack and Reaction Pack, we are able to offer a fresh mixture every time. Separate chambers keep ingredients from mixing prior to application. Appropriate for a wide range of formulas such as liquids and creams, an applicator pad can also be included for a deluxe application. The Reaction Pack was launched with Clinique this past year to sample their Clinique iD™ Custom-Blend Hydrator Collection. »


« 20% of our products are for skincare, all of our skincare packagings are brand new design. We will also show these new items in MakeUp in LA. »


« We do not produce skin care and although our main focus is color cosmetics our products are full of active ingredients, mostly for complexion where our laboratory works in hybrid formulas. Halfway between skincare and make- up, we want to offer with them benefits for the skin as well. »


« We offer products that are Clean meaning minimalist, natural, non-toxic, still very performing as Clean Beauty also means efficiency & sensoriality for us, which are 2 big challenges.
We also include organic cosmos formula into our innovations so that brands can offer the best to the consumers. »


« We are now approaching to the skincare starting from lips products, which are our core business ; we already developed a line for lip care and we are now starting with cleaning products and to mix skincare to make up, in order to give to the customer ever more performing products. »


« Skincare continues to be a key area of focus within our new innovation pipeline. We see tremendous opportunity to offer our brand partners a full range of core and specialized capabilities within the KDC/ONE global network. The Makeup in LA collection for 2020 includes disruptive and breakthrough innovation in Clean Beauty, Reef Safe Suncare, CBD and Hybrid Color/Skincare formulas. »


« HNB’s Skincare brush collection was ergonomically developed with optimized shape and texture of head part. Each unique brush can be paired with different formula, to improve results of skin care. It helped not waste skincare products (unlike fingers) during application. »

Discover all the Skincare and Makeup suppliers at MakeUp in LosAngeles!