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Korean Skincare Trends

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The Korean skincare market, renowned for innovation and trend-setting, has witnessed a notable surge in specific skincare trends, as revealed by search data. Spate’s latest review of this data offers a comprehensive review of these trends, emphasizing the shifting preferences of Korean consumers. This analysis is particularly valuable for brands seeking to draw inspiration from K-Beauty in the upcoming months.

Modeling masks stand out for their unique application and skin-nourishing properties, offering a spa-like experience at home. These masks have gained traction for their ability to provide intensive care in a convenient format. Snail creams, another significant trend, offer hydrating and regenerative qualities. These creams meet the increasing consumer demand for products that reinforce and support the skin barrier, emphasizing a shift towards protective and restorative skincare routines.

The growing popularity of face exfoliators, tretinoin creams, and antioxidant serums highlights a trend in Korea towards products that not only exfoliate but also shield the skin from environmental stressors. Tretinoin, known for its skin renewal and anti-aging properties, has become a cornerstone in routines focused on maintaining youthful, healthy skin.

Emerging brand trends indicate a diverse interest in skincare solutions, with heightened searches for Medicube, La Mer, Banana Boat, and Torriden, among others. This variety showcases the eclectic nature of the Korean skincare market, where both local and international brands find favor. The influence of American skincare trends is particularly apparent in the popularity of brands like La Mer and Banana Boat, suggesting a cross-cultural exchange in beauty trends.

This blend of domestic innovation and international influences highlights the globalized character of the skincare industry. Brands looking to understand and cater to the dynamic Korean beauty can download the one sheet today for further insights.



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